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!! OMG, gossip: Here’s what Justin Timberlake looks like under the wand of the Lifetime Network in that Britney Spears biopic !!


Don’t laugh! It’s good, no? Realistic. [dlisted]

Miley Cyrus: ‘I’m not sexually confused in any way. I’m very much… pansexual’ [celebitchy]

Haiti cancels first LGBT film festival amidst death threats and police pressure [towleroad]

Gethin Anthony on his hot gay Game Of Thrones fling [queerty]

Ann Coulter ‘calls in sick’ for Chelsea Handler interview, so Chelsea hires a body double and goes in on her [boyculture]

Nick Jonas joins the Jumanji reboot [wicked gay blog]

Janky doctor makes children’s vaccines out of vodka and cat saliva (YUMMM!) [bossip]

I could smell the patchouli and ecstacy on his breathe: Relive Burning Man 2016 with this photo gallery [thatDROP]

The science of having a good cry [man repeller]

40 of the cutest baby animals of all time [ned hardy]

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!! OMG, WATCH: Michelle Rodriguez eats a stew made of her own piss and a dead mouse !!

Michelle Rodriguez is normally down for eating that puss puss, but not really one for mice! Though, a recent episode of Bear Gryllis had her eating a stew made of her own piss and a dead mouse. No chance at getting that Oscar now, Michelle! We got that on camera! FOREVER! Congradoritos! Check it out above!

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!! OMG, WATCH David Letterman’s perviest moments with his female guests !!

Amy Schumer‘s skit must have drawn inspiration from this clip!

Charlize Theron, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Julia Roberts, Sofia Vergara, Taylor Swift, Kate Upton, Beyoncé… the list is endless—whether you regard the examples above as creepy lechery or benign flirting, this way of communicating is a part of David Letterman’s legacy.

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