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!! OMG, a Q&A with Joan Rivers !!


Joan Rivers may be as old as my grandma (and, like my grandma, is apparently a Republican!) but unlike Grandmother Bmad, she hates just about everyone and calls people “cunt” in public. Refreshing!

I went to see her show at the Laurie Beechman Theater on Wednesday for an act that was was decidedly ungrandmotherly. She had a bunch of jokes scribbled indecipherably on cue cards at her feet but seemed to ignore them in favor of riffing extemperaneously on topics ranging from the World Trade Center families (“I’d sacrifice a family member for $5 million! Next Thanksgiving just look around the table!”), Anne Frank (“She’s a good friend. I met her when I flew Lufthansa and she fell out of the overhead compartment!”) and poors. (“I hate poor people! Any poor people in the audience get the f*ck out!”) Oh, also she said she hates Haitians, which I had to give her credit for cause who the f*ck says that?
One might argue that Anne Frank jokes are a little zzzs in the year 2010, but when it comes to someone like Joan Rivers isn’t that kind of the point? This is one of the few working comedians who actually remembers Hitler, so I give her a pass to make jokes about him. And I LOLed at them!

Joan’s had a big year: she was the winner of Celebrity Apprentice last year, she’s made a triumphant return to E!’s Fashion Police— which will air again this Sunday for the SAG awards– and she and daughter/sidekick Melissa have a new reality show called Mother Knows Best, coming in March on the WE network.

She was nice enough to talk to me a few weeks ago on the topics of women in comedy, Jay Leno, the Oscars, and whatever else. Read the full Q&A after the jump.

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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