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A Spamologue

Do you ever receive those emails from foreign nationals in need of assistance transferring huge sums of money using an American bank account? My heart…

I want to be famous!

Have you yet heard of fashion superstar Apollo Braun? His designs include things like t-shirts made out of aluminum foil held together with staples, decorated…

She is not impressed

With only two seconds of total television airtime, Whatevia Santiago has now reached such a level of Internet fame that she has her own blog….

Deja vu!

The Pop Culture Junkies have come across some as-yet-unheard tapes of secret phone conversations between Katie Holmes and her parents. The calls were made by…

What you really get for $35

I knew I was missing something by not taking cabs home from the airport. It can get expensive, but Mr. Kyle’s spicy experience is priceless….