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!! OMG, WATCH: Alyssa Edwards, Shangela and Tatianna join Andy Cohen and some New Jersey Housewives on WWHL Halloween edition !!

SICKENNNNINNNG! Alyssa even lipsync’s Kim Zolciak‘s Tardy For The Party and Tatianna does The Countess Luanne‘s Money Can’t Buy You Class! — Pure. Heaven. Andy Cohen has camp running through his DNA – bitch knows how to deliver.

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!! OMG, gossip: 10 Gay-ish Horror movies to watch this Halloween !!


Hey, boo! [queerty]

Something wicked this way comes: A “That’s So Raven 2′ is on its way! [boyculture]

Money, Money, Money! ABBA to reunite! [socialites life]

James Franco explains the difference between a TWINK and a TWUNK in new KING COBRA clip [towleroad]

J.Lo to star in Bye Bye Birdy LIVE! on NBC [celebitchy]

Is Mimi‘s Billionaire Shrek engagement on the rocks? [instinct]

Benedict Cumberbatch is smarter than us all, will not become part of the robot singularity: ‘I have no interest in joining social media’ [dlisted]

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!! OMG, quote of the day: Mykki Blanco addresses her critics, says people have no right to judge her trans identity !!

A photo posted by MYKKI BLANCO (@_mykki_) on

“I’ve had some people in the genderqueer community say to me, ‘You’re a cis gay male, stop trying to tell a trans woman’s story.’ And I’ve had to say, ‘Honey, anybody who’s known me since 2010, 2011, anybody who knew me in New York City knew that I was cross-dressing, that I was feminine trans-identified, living my life escorting out in these streets. I wasn’t in a college classroom learning about genderqueer.’”

“I understand now where that misunderstanding comes from, but I always have to tell people Mykki Blanco did not start as a drag character. Mykki Blanco started as a video-art project when I was already trans-identified. I was already going by ‘she.’”

– Rapper and performer Mykki Blanco on her trans-ness and her performance identity

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!! OMG, WATCH: Garrett Clayton (as Brent Corrigan) meets a new friend in latest clip from ‘KING COBRA’ !!

Bottoms need friends too, which is what you’ll discover in a new clip from KING COBRA starring Disney’s Garrett Clayton who brings his eyebrow A-game to big screens everywhere in the gay adult film-set thriller based on Brent Corrigan‘s ties to a murderous triangle. Who doesn’t love a nosy neighbor?!

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