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!! OMG, gossip: Elton tells Russia's anti-gay laws to shove it while in Russia !!


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!! OMG, one in a million! Mum seizures every time she hears a Ne-Yo song !!


I've heard of Taylor Swift triggering explosive diarrhea, but this out of hand! Zoe Fennessy, 26, has an epileptic seizure each time she hears the R&B singer Ne-yo's voice! Zoe wears headphones everyplace she goes just in case she encounters one of his songs when she's out in the city.

"I'll be walking around the supermarket doing my food shopping and I have to put my earphones in to listen to my own music just in case it comes on.

"It's the same with most shops. I have to walk in with my ear phones in at first just to make sure they don't have Ne-Yo on," she said.

Zoe was diagnosed with 'musicogenic seizures' which are triggered only by the tone of Ne-Yo's voice. It wasn't until Ne-Yo released his first big hit, the Pitbull-featuring 'Give Me Everything,' that Zoe suffered her first seizure... OHkay that actually makes a lot of sense. Pitbull is also involved. I can see it now.

"It took me a while to realise that they were being triggered by his songs, and I think it wasn't until I had heard it for about the 15th time that it finally twigged what was going on," she said.

"The song was really popular and I went to my consultant and I said 'I know this sounds extremely bizarre, but every time I hear this song I have a seizure'.

"He said it was fascinating and that he had never heard anything like it, and I said that while it might be fascinating, I was really struggling - the song was everywhere at the time."

In June of this year Zo-Zo underwent a six-hour long procedure to remove a large portion of her left temporal lobe, where doctors thought the seizures may originate. The operation reduced the symptoms of her condition, but she still has a fit every time she hears Ne-Yo's voice.

"If he ever releases a greatest hits album it's going to be a nightmare. Whenever I hear the first few beats of the song I have to drop whatever I am doing and run.

"People might think it is funny - and I can laugh at it myself - but it has taken over my life. It's ruined my life."

Zoe, if you're reading this, hon, whatever you do DON'T press play on the video below! And if you happen to have good taste in music -- ALSO don't press play on the video below. You may also seizure.

[via the mirror]

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!! OMG, they ain't playin! THE ADVOCATE Magazine lists Russian President Vladimir Putin as their PERSON OF THE YEAR !!


Is Russian president Vladimir Putin the world's most influential LGBT rights figure? According to The Advocate -- YES! From editor Matthew Breen:

We knew we'd see highly polarized responses to the cover. But the purpose was to answer the question, "Who had the most impact on LGBT people globally in 2014?" One effect is to keep the treatment of queer Russians in conversation, post-Sochi. The world must not forget what's happening there now that the Olympics are over.

There are undeniable parallels in Putin's scapegoating of gays and lesbians and the Nazi scapegoating of Jews, gays and lesbians, Jehovah's Witnesses, and the Romani. He's describing gays and lesbians and the nefarious export of western hegemony that Russia must resist, to remain pure. He's tacitly encouraging the confluence of homosexuality and pedophilia in Russians' minds as a cynical means of maintaining his power. His thugs are torturing and killing us. He's got blood on his hands. He's a global threat. It's not an idle comparison.

Well said! Check your newsstands for the latest issue of The Advocate, out now.

[via DAZED]

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!! OMG, his butt: Charlie Hunnam nude in this week's 'Sons Of Anarchy' !!


Charlie Hunnam gave the tough guys what they wanted on biker show Sons Of Anarchy this week, once again when he showed off his behind that would definitely be worth at least a few packs of ciggies and a couple of bottles of whiskey in most biker bars. Check it out after the NSFW jump!

[[OMG there's more! JUMP IN and read the rest]]

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!! OMG, Princess Aurora no more-ah? Actress Elle Fanning gets to work playing a 90's trangender teen in NYC !!


Elle Fanning will play a transgender teenager named Ray who's transitioning from female to male in the upcoming drama "'Third Generations".

The film is directed by Gaby Dellal and co-stars Naomi Watts as the trans teen's single mother Maggie, who is grappling with the major changes in her child's life. Meanwhile, Susan Sarandon plays Watts' lesbian mother Dolly, at whose brownstone they're all living.

This is a huge departure from other roles for Elle who just played Princess Aurora in this year's Maleficent. Will you be checking out Third Generations?


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