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!! OMG, writer’s envy: Alli Farer for Hairpin !!

Props to Hairpin writer Alli Farer who penned this genius repurposing of Beyonce song titles as undergraduate theses in Women’s and Gender Studies:

Baby Boy: The Sociocultural Effects of Prolonged Male Adolescence

Check on It: The Gendered Dynamics of Male Spectatorship in Urban Public Spaces

Crazy in Love: The Diagnosis and Treatment of “Female Hysteria” During the Late Nineteenth Century

Naughty Girl: Disidentification and the Performance of Female Sexual Promiscuity

Cater 2 U: Female Subservience and the Reinforcement of Hegemonic Gendered Power Structures

Get Me Bodied: A Radical Critique of the Sex/Gender Binary

Freakum Dress: The Role of Consumerism in the Construction and Assertion of Female Sexuality

Videophone: Social Networking Technology and the Deconstruction of the Dominant Gaze

Run the World (Girls): Historical Perspectives on Global Female Leadership

Bills Bills Bills: The Dual-Income Model and the Reshaping of the Domestic Sphere

Soldier: The Hypermasculinization of U.S. Military Culture

Independent Women: Girl I Didn’t Know You Could Get Down (to Business in the Public Sphere and Still Be Expected to Perform Domestic Labor During the “Second Shift”) Like That

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!! OMG, can’t wait: ‘The Phantom Tollbooth Turns 50’ !!

For those of us that grew up reading The Phantom Tollbooth, it’s a delight to learn that the book’s creators — author Norton Juster and illustrator Jules Feiffer — are part of a new documentary exploring the story’s origins. “The Road to Dictionopolis: The Phantom Tollbooth Turns 50” began production in January of this year and will be released in early 2012. So, only a few more short months, people!

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!! OMG, she’ll soon be on coffee tables: Lady Gaga !!

You might not like all the comparisons between Madonna and Lady Gaga, but, come on, Gaga’s latest move is so classic Madge. The singer will release a coffee table book this fall of photos taken by controversial celeb photographer Terry Richardson. So while it might not be an exact match for Madonna’s Sex, Gaga’s book still draws on the most sex-craved photographer out there. Lord.
(via Vulture)

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!! OMG, she can read? Snooki to write a second book !!

Brace yourselves, readers. Apparently, Snooki was satisfied by “writing” one book, now she wants to do it again. The Jersey Shore nugget will pop out “Gorilla Beach” for Simon & Schuster next summer as a follow-up to “A Shore Thing,” which (omfg) ended up on the New York Times extended bestsellers list.
(via CNN)

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