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!! OMG, WATCH: RHOBH star Erika Jayne debuts her new single “XXpen$ive” on ‘Watch What Happens Live Bravo Clubhouse’ !!

Reality star Erika Jayne debuts her new single “XXpen$ive” in the Watch What Happens Live Bravo Clubhouse and if you aren’t familiar with The Real Housewife Of Beverly Hills from Season 7, then review the classics, like her hit singles ‘How Many Fucks Do I Give?’ and ‘One Hot Pleasure’ – which kinda sounds like if Kylie did softporn during the Electroclash era AND paid homage to Lil Louis at the same time. Find them after the jump! Ummmm, I think we’re in love…


!! OMG, WATCH: Trisha Paytas, the busty Youtube star known for outing her celebrity sexual conquests, debuts her music career !!

An obvious shoo-in for a Grammy nom next round! Recently out lesbian and Youtube star, Trisha Paytas is using all that Youtube money she got from telling you which male celebrities she banged and asking “Do dogs really have brains!?” to embark on her music career. Hey, if Kimmy K can do it – so can Trish! Check out Trisha’s autotuned to the high-heavens, debut single above. Thots? Also – in case you missed it:

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