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!! OMG, this is not a joke: Manika releases “I might go lesbian” as a single feat. Tyga !!

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 3.35.19 PM

If it was any good, we might be into it — but it’s shite! Some people should not be given record deals! Check out Manika‘s “I might go lesbian” above! Also, if you wanna get all PC about it — doesn’t this song just perpetuate the misconception that one can choose their sexuality?

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!! OMG, Janet debuts new cover art and tracklisting for upcoming ‘Unbreakable’ album !!


Miss Jackson is back with what many are saying will be her (next?) comeback album, and from the reviews of her recent shows in North America people the new album, Time, should pack a punch! Check out the tracklisting after the jump!

“The album also will mark the first time Janet Jackson has opened up about her brother Michael and with reflections concerning her youth,” a statement on the site reads. “Inherent in this music will be her feelings that we must learn to celebrate life and the things each of us experiences and endures and how that process can make each person stronger.”

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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!! OMG, quote of the day: Bob Guccione JR, former head of SPIN Magazine, on today’s music industry !!


“The commodification of music is so complete that artists these days create songs thinking they would make a good car commercial,” Guccione says. “And they’re more fixated on their social-media strategy than they are on their music.”

“The problem now is that nobody’s blowing the lid off anything,” he says. And it’s not just music that’s in the ditch — it’s pop culture, too. “TV ads aimed at kids all have a perfectly diverse group of perfectly attractive people jumping up and down, appearing to be perfectly happy.”

This over-the-top political correctness, as he calls it, comes at a price. “It’s the exact opposite of rebellion and innovation,” he explains. And it has ceded so much control to Corporate America that even Occupy Wall Street was a joke: “There was no agenda there other than rich people are bad, and yoga is good. At the end of the day, how useful is that?”

Well put!

[via Lady Bunny]

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!! OMG, the video for Brooke Candy’s latest is here, and she is serving up some Laurie Forman realness !!

Brooke Candy‘s style is always on point in her videos, probably because Lady Gaga‘s mage Nicola Formichetti who parted ways with the pop star has taken a liking to helping Brooke! Check out Brooke’s video for rubber Band Stacks where she works a very Laurie Forman (RIP) from That 70’s Show look!


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