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!! OMG, how exciting: Glad Day Bookshop is moving !!


Glad Day Bookshop, the world’s oldest LGBTQ bookstore, is reinventing itself as a cafe/bar/bookstore/community space in a fabulous location right on Church Street in the heart of Toronto’s gay village, and they need some help.

Perhaps you’ve purchased some literature, zines, or vintage erotica from Glad Day’s online shop, or maybe you’ve been in the Toronto store.

But if Glad Day is new to you, let us be the first to tell you it is an important institution in Toronto, but also for our community worldwide. Glad Day is one of the few bookshops that is not only still around, but thriving.


Their book sales are up, which counters the general trend of bookshops in the age of Amazon, but transitioning the business to a larger, better-situated space takes some extra cash. Please consider chipping in a few dollars to help them grow. Donate to their Indiegogo campaign here.

Or just buy a book (or graphic novel, or sexy gay novel, or sexy lesbian novel, or sexy photobook or comic).

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!! OMG, I luh ya, papi! Mexico airs first commercial featuring gay couple with new COLGATE ad !!

And YES! There is touching piano music – of course! It wouldn’t be a gay TV spot without it.

“In the spot, a grandfather and his grandson decide to help their new neighbors, a gay couple, to move a chair [into their new home]. ‘Sometimes you just need a smile,’ says the commercial, while showing the two new neighbors hold hands and stand in their new home.”

Check it out above!

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