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!! OMG, he’s naked: Tattooed X Factor UK contestant Ellis Lacy !!


Ellis Lacy was one of X Factor UK’s contestants this past fall, and while he didn’t win, we did learn he is a weapons expert (ehem) and loves to show off via his Twitter. Check out his audition below, and find his being an expert with his OWN weapon after the NSFW jump!

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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!! OMG, sorry bitch! It SOLD already: It’s the magic 8-ball buttplug! !!


I don’t mean to share two devastating news stories right in a row here, ruin your Monday or anything… but the spectacular item you see listed above has already SOLD according to the Etsy account which posted the listing for THE MAGIC 8-BALL BUTTPLUG!

Yes, you (could have) owned a pleasurable way to tell your friends’ fortunes, but you missed the boat! Maybe if we pray hard enough they will make more. And in case you were wondering, the plug is the same size as a used and tattered sharpie:


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!! OMG, SCANDAL! Britney Spears is in trouble after trying to pass off a picture of grilled corn as her own !!


I hope you’re sitting down, because this news might be hard new to take… but Brit Brit‘s in hot water for posting a pic of grilled corn that WASN’T her own y’all – and the worst part is it seems like she tried to pass it off as hers, captioning the photo:

“It’s honestly too good to be true mmmm.”

The picture Britney tried to pass off as her own comes from the Food Network website and is the first result when searching for “Mexican grilled corn.”

Fans have been blasting Britney in the comments section of her Instagram post for dishonestly trying to pass off the picture of grilled corn as her own.

Why would she lie to her fans like that? Personally I’m OFFENDED and DISGUSTED, and we’re waiting on a public apology. I’m hearing whispers of something about glow ball warning or worn-torn countries or something like that… but who cares really, because THIS is NEWS! See the cold, hard evidence below! Thoughts?


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!! OMG, WATCH: Lady Gaga performs ‘The National Anthem’ at last night’s Superbowl 50, Beyonce and some other dudes follow !!

Proving once again that she doesn’t need a gimmick anymore — she’s got that voice on lockdown! Check out her performance above.

Coldplay, Bruno Mars and Beyonce followed with a medley of a bunch of songs that made my ears bleed everytime I walked into a convienience store last year, but Queen Bey gave the homosexual demographic what they wanted with some fiery crotch thrusting and such. Check it out below.

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