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!! OMG, gossip: Barbra Streisand covers W Magazine !!


BABS! [boyculture]

The cast of HAMILTON givelecture Mike Pence post-performance, he gets booed by audience [towleroad]

Paris Hilton voted for Trump: ‘I’ve known him since I’m a little girl.’ [celebitchy]

Chelsea Handler still isn’t done poking at Brad and Angie [dlisted]

Mariah Carey‘s new doc-series is being re-edited to highlight relationship with Bryan Tanaka [lainey]

Two trans models just became the face of Deisel [queerty]

Dr. Phil blasted for exploiting a mentally ill Shelly Duvall [socialite life]

Man bathes in Yellowstone basin, dissolves into boiling acid [instinct]

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!! OMG, he’s naked: Ginuwine makes his pony public, tweets own photo of leaked dick pic !!


Ginuwine, the PONY singer that you knew from highschool, OR, if you were born in the 90’s – know from MAGIC MIKE – posted a Tweet acknowlegding a rcent dick pic leak of himself. Check out the post after the NSFW jump!

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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!! OMG, Kanye says he didn’t vote (GREAT! Real cool!) but if he had, he’d have voted for Trump !!

If you needed any further confirmation that Kanye’s a waste of oxygen, just check out his recent comments where he confirms he didn’t vote, but if he had, would have helped Trump secure a victory. Wonder how his minority/female/LGBT/immigrant fanbase feels about that? This is coming from a person who went out of his way to say “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people” on the air.

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