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!! OMG, a Q&A with Fever Ray !!


There’s something to be said for ugliness. While most pop artists happily inhabit a world of glamour and fashion, Karin Dreijer Andersson surrounds herself in a mysterious, primeval darkness.

Best known as one half of brother-sister pop duo The Knife, Andersson will begin a short North American tour this week as Fever Ray, a new solo project started two years ago when she and her brother Olof took a break from touring and recording together.

The resulting album, released earlier this year, is full of contradictions. It’s a heady mix of steely synths, upbeat tribal beats and rhythms, humorous lyrics and twisted vocals. Though critics like to call her music dark, Andersson is quick to point out sunnier influences. “I wanted it to sound like Miami Sound Machine,” she says, referring to the song ‘Triangle Walks’. “Like Gloria Estefan – very Caribbean.”

Since its release earlier this year, Fever Ray has evolved into a visual project and Andersson’s elaborate stage show (created with director Andreas Nilsson) is winning accolades for its folkloric theatricality and immersive séance vibe. She has also kept busy with The Knife, scoring an electro opera about Charles Darwin called Tomorrow, In A Year, which premiered in Copenhagen this month.

To find out more about all things Fever Ray, we rang up Karin Dreijer Andersson in Stockholm to chat. Read the full Q&A after the jump.

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!! OMG, how tragic: HomoShame !!

I have pretty mixed feelings about this new site called HOMOSHAME, which is devoted to some of the more tragic/ridiculous members of our community. It’s not particularly meanspirited or anything; it’s basically just Look at that F*cking Hipster for gays, and on one hand it’s like, well why shouldn’t we have our own, right? I’m just not sure it’s making fun of the right people.
Yes, I loled a bunch of times looking throught the pictures, but at the same time– is it really the tragic, ridiculous or aggressively faggy members of our community who need to be called out!? I actually think there are too few of these people these days! I can definitely say that I far prefer them to the supercilious fashion bitches standing in corners in their prissy scarves and moustaches or the popped collar assimilationists whose highest aspiration is to buff over any type of gay difference. (And whose other highest aspiration is to be able to take an entire traffic cone up the ass, but nothing wrong with that!)
The point is that most of the guys at HomoShame like they’re having fun, and it’s actually kind of refreshing to see people who aren’t ashamed of themselves these days. Why shame them? There are plenty of other better people to shame!
My ambivalence aside, the site is pretty f*ckin funny, so check it out and make up your own mind.
Thanks to H for the tip.

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!! OMG, Never Trust a Big Butt and a Smile !!

Picture 33.png
I am starting to feel like I should change my name to GRANDMA BMAD. Sometimes I turn on the TV and it’s like staring through a window to another dimension! WHO ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE!? Now Lady Gaga I can get on board with, and I always did like those Flavor of Love ladies. I can’t say I exactly LIKE Lauren Conrad, but I do kind of think she’s the Mona Lisa of our generation, and that’s at least something. So it’s not like I’m driving a conestoga wagon or anything here. I’m just sometimes confused.
I know it’s so 2006 (or maybe 2003? Or maybe just so Washington Post?) to complain about people being “famous for being famous.” So I shan’t do that. But what about complaining about people being richer than Queen Elizabeth for having a big ass? What about being rich for being the family member of someone with a big ass? Can someone please explain the Kardashians to me? Page Six reports that they’re basically the wealthiest women this side of Oprah, and while I’m not sure why this should be surprising or newsworthy, I am super jealous!

A source said: “The Kardashian sisters are big business. Their mother, Kris, is a smart businesswoman and manages their deals. She knows how to make the most of these big announcements.

“She’s negotiating a magazine deal for Khloe’s wedding, around $250,000, another deal for Kourtney’s baby, and there will probably be yet another deal when Kim eventually gets back together with Reggie,” our insider said.

“Then there’s the product deals — they’ve already got the fashion line, now they’re branching out into perfume and beauty products.”

Why can’t I have mom Kardashian manage my business? Just today, following her genius business model, I could have gotten paid for crying in the shower, getting in a fight with the cat I’m sitting for, and almost missing the bus. Is the reason that I’m not getting paid for these things because I am not as beautiful as these women?
I’m not saying I’m such a prize or anything– and I’m also a total homosexual so maybe I just don’t understand their great allure– but I really don’t get why the Kardashian’s are so hot. Kim Kardashian herself kind of reminds me of those Looney Tunes cartoons where Bugs Bunny would dress up like a woman, (Except I guess with a bigger ass???) and Chloe Khloe Kardashian looks like Hulk Hogan in a wig. I don’t even know who that other one is? (Oops, I just asked my little sister and I guess her name is KOURTNEY. I should have guessed it began with a K!)
So I promise never to ask this question again, because I really do feel like my mom complaining about rap music and The Simpsons, but if someone could enlighten me (OR paypal me $1mil USD) about why the Kardashians are so rich/successful that would actually be really great.
(Page Six – No Keeping Up With Their $$)

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