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!! OMG, Vincent Price’s daughter confirms what we’ve all known for a while now: That he was also a fan of the peen! !!


In case you are blind, here’s some solid confirmation that you may have had a little hunch about: During a recent interview with #Boom Magazine celebrating the 50th anniversary re-release of Victoria Price’s family cookbook, A Treasury of Great Recipes, Victoria Price spoke about her father Vincent coming out to her as bi, just as she came out to him as a lesbian:

“He said to me, ’You know, I know just how you feel, because I have had these deep, loving relationships with men in my life—and all my wives were jealous,’” she recalls.

Victoria admits she’s been pestered about her father’s sexuality her whole life. One time, at a West Hollywood nightclub in the late 80s, cemented how disquieting she found the chatter.

A blond woman with a wry expression came over to me and said, “You’re Vincent Price’s daughter. Your father’s gay, isn’t he?”

I don’t remember my mumbled reply—except that, sadly, it wasn’t very witty—”I don’t know” or “He was married three times.”

But I do remember that I was shocked. Not because it was the first time someone had suggested that he might be gay or at the very least bisexual.

But because, until that moment, I hadn’t really understood the degree to which my 78-year-old father’s sexuality, whatever it might be, had become public property to be discussed, analyzed, bandied about, as one might share a recipe or chat about the weather.

Darkness falls across the land, but coming out is oh-so grand! Welcome Vincent to the club c/o Vicky Price!

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!! OMG, FIRST LISTEN: The king of old-school electro, The Egyptian Lover, set to release new album ‘1984’ !!


It’s been a minute since The Egyptian Lover has moved audiences with his retro-electro beats that made him the icon he was in the 80’s. Well, he’s back and set to release 1984, a throwback to his original sound!

The Egyptian Lover started out as a DJ in Los Angeles in 1978-79 making mix tapes for his High School and putting personal raps on them. He then joined up with L.A.’s number 1 Dance Promotion Team Uncle Jam’s Army. Together they did parties with 10,000 party people attending. Once The Egyptian Lover started bringing his 808 drum machine to the parties he knew he had to make a record with these beats. He recorded “Breakin and Entering” soundtrack, “Dial a Freak” and “Yes Yes Yes” with Uncle Jam’s Army, and then his solo project “Egypt Egypt” which started getting played all over the Country and Europe. The Egyptian Lover started touring and never stopped. Bringing his 808 to every show to entertain the crowds today as he did over 30 years ago.

Listen to some samples of his brand new, hot, vocoded glamour below!

The Egyptian Lover – 1984 (Album Promo) from fling PR on Vimeo.

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