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!! OMG, quote of the day: Bradley Cooper finally opens up about his Wet Hot American Summer gay sex scene !!

“But the joke in that scene was to make it the one serious scene in the whole movie. The whole film is jokes and then that one’s shot seriously, lit well…” The 40-year-old added: “[We played it] totally real! And we were both trying to pretend it wasn’t going to happen when we first met, because we all stayed in the infirmary in a camp, and I remember playing ping-pong with him, knowing that the countdown to the sex scene was like two weeks away, pretending that everything’s fine.”

Check out the original clip below!

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!! OMG, gossip: Colton Haynes shows off his new nipple piercing on Instagram !!

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 1.22.22 AM
Colton Hayes slips the nip [socialite life]

Tim Gunn‘s #1 rule: ‘Don’t dress like a Kardashian, it’s vulgar.’ [celebitchy]

Did Derek Jeter back out of an underwear deal because they were ‘too gay?’ [boy culture]

Don’t think too hard! It’s “Word association with Sarah Palin!” [joemygod]

Caitlyn Jenner to reteam with Diane Sawyer for 1-year follow-up interview [kenneth]

Full-frontal scenes from Sense8 suggest actor was recently circumsized between roles — AND THATS NEWS, FOLKS! [queerty]

Man sentenced to 11 years in prison for running gay sex slave ring [towleroad]

Even though we’ve watched Miley smoke Salvia, the singer claims she’s never taken psychedelics! [dlisted]

More images of Versace Summer 2016 [ohlala]

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!! OMG, FUND THIS! Christeene launches crowdfunding campaign so she can keep the filthy crowds bumpin !!

You’re one of them ponies out there who’s been hit HARRRD by the man, then make sure to wipe, and then make to sure support punk drag superstar Christeene as she attempts to release more music! Before you spend your shitty pennies on Taylor Swift, think thrice! And DONATE HERE!

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