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!! OMG, SCHNAPP OUTTAV IT! Chaz Bono makes his debut acting on ‘American Horror Story,’ — Cher tweets support !!

You think your mom makes a big deal when you do something? Try having Cher as your mum! The popstar took to Twitter to tweet how over-the-moon she was about her son Chaz making his debut on AHS’ new season. Check out the new preview for the season (and Sarah Paulson’s WIGGGG!) below!

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!! OMG, Adobe’s new clothing line makes use of some of their cheesiest stock photos ever !!


Whoever the Tumblr teen on the board of merchandising at Adobe who came up with this concept is, — they deserve a definite raise!

The creative and marketing services company recently asked Swedish ad agency Abby Priest for a campaign about Adobe Stock, which features more modern and less cheesy stock imagery. Abby Priest’s idea was to emphasize how far the new images are from the old—by creating “a limited-edition clothing line giving a salute to the most infamous stock images creatives love to hate.”

Check out some of the rest of their new tees and sweaters after the jump!

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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!! OMG, RIP Kim McGuire aka Cry-Baby’s HATCHET-FACE !!


Another gay icon has left us! Kim McGuire, the distinct actress that played HATCHET-FACE in John WatersCry-Baby alongside Johnny Depp, has passed away!

McGuire apparently found Waters and nabbed her role by responding to a personal ad in the newspaper only saying: “Wanted: Girl with a good body and an alarming face who is proud of it”.

John Waters once stated: “that face that she wears in the movie is certainly make-up; Kim has a very blank face in real life”. McGuire herself once quipped “When people see me after seeing that, they think I look really good.”

RIP, Kim! Thanks for making us laugh and for giving folks around the world the confidence to own their shit whether it’s hatchet, ratchet, both, or somewhere in between!

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!! OMG, meet Queerty’s new app !!


Our friends at Queerty have just released a new way for you to stay up-to-date with the breaking gay news of the day: a mobile app!

From feature stories to expert analysis of Rupaul’s inner monologue, you are but a couple taps away from Queerty’s most popular content, including reader favorites like Dragaholic, Morning Goods and Queerty Ever After.

You can also comment and share right from the app. Download it today for iPhone or Android.

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