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!! OMG, Stephen Colbert defends the gay dads Campbell Soup ad, takes on One Million Moms !!

Check out Stephen‘s response to the bigot group One Million Moms as they try to take down Campbell’s ‘gay dad’ ad for soup.

“One Million Moms is furious that Campbell’s Soup is being associated with gay men. Psst. Nobody tell them about Andy Warhol.”

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!! OMG, this artist walks the streets at night pimping out strangers’ cars with cardboard !!


Artist Max Siedentopf prowls the streets of Amsterdam and pimps the cars of unsuspecting strangers’ cars with cardboard and masking tape. Why you ask!?

“Individuality, self-expression, and status are more important than ever these days,” Siedentopf told Vice. “But for some reason you see that things as ordinary as cars are getting personalized less and less, while it could be a strange but great form of self-expression. I thought I’d do people a favor by giving them a custom-made supercar.”

Find more of his upgrades after the jump!


[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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!! OMG, you wanna be on top? Too bad! America’s Next Top Model will end after its 22nd season! !!


Thanks for the memories! I’m gonna miss Tyra‘s crazy ass! [dlisted]

WERK! It’s Linda Evangelista for MOSCHINO [ohlala]

Lamar Odom in hospital after being found unconscious at Nevada brothel [celebitchy]

Here’s Henry Cavill walking his dog in a terrible hoody, being hot nonetheless [socialite life]

Meet the man who supposedly used to blow JFK [kenneth]

Glitterbombs and unicorns! Here’s the video for pop’s newest gay twink on the block! [boy culture]

Drinkers of black coffee tend towards evil [joemygod]

Vandal carves “DIE FAG” into side of newlywed couple’s jeep [queerty]

Gay Chinese activists expose electroshock gay conversion therapy still happening today [towleroad]

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