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!! OMG, Steven Tyler bought Kesha’s house, felt her female energy as soon as he saw it !!

Gotta keep those rock-mansions in the family! Chatting with Ryan Seacrest this week, Aerosmith‘s Steven Tyler revealed that he recently purchased Kesha‘s home where she would wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy every day! Check out the interview above!

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!! OMG, his butt: ‘Walk The Line’, ‘Charlie Bartlett’, and ‘One Tree Hill’ star Tyler Hilton !!


Singer/songwriter Tyler Hilton has appeared in several film and tv projects including ‘Walk The Line’, ‘Charlie Bartlett’, and ‘One Tree Hill’. Check him out pulling a Bieber (in front of a school zone – no less!) after the NSFW jump! Well, I NEVER!

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!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: The ‘Stranger Things’ composers provide 80’s-touched synth mix for FACT Mag !!


Stranger Things introduced us all to the synth-driven soundtrack composed by Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon of Austin-based band S U R V I V E. They crafted probably one of the more talked-about soundtracks of the last 5 years!

S U R V I V E recently did a 80’s-touched mix of synthed out tracks for FACT and you can find it below along with the full tracklisting after the jump!

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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!! OMG, gossip: Tina Fey’s face practically melts as Bill Cosby’s name is announced as the next presenter at the Emmy’s !!


She almost lost it! [queerty]

Claire Danes either spent too many hours passed out in the sun in the Berghain garden last weekend, or she showed up to the Emmy’s last night with a bag of Cheetos powder crushed against her face [celebitchy]

…and Kelly Preston was serving Peg Bundy [dlisted]

Brian from The Breakfast Club got caught beating on his neigh-neigh on tape [celebuzz]

Greg Louganis launches Athleisure fashion line [towleroad]

Wendy Williams breaks down on season premiere, tributes her recently deceased Wigologist Antwon Jackson [bossip]

Angela Lansbury sings us some BEATY AND THE BEAST, muthafuckuhhhz [boy culture]

Ellen watches cute animals in a game she calls ‘Come on, damnmit!’ [rare]

Aussies want The Crocodile Hunter on their money, I reckon! [the blemish]

Franco Noreiga is a chiseled wonder of model man meat [wicked gay blog]

Is drone surfing the future of windsurfing? [adapt]

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