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!! OMG, The US Senate blocks 4 gun control measures one week after its deadliest shooting !!


…annnnd who are the people we’re meant to believe are helping support mass murder and enable terrorism again? [towleroad]

RIP talented, chill cutie Anton Yelchin [socialite life]

Kelly Osbourne makes sailors blush while commenting on her dad’s affair [celebitchy]

Cali Democrats vote against new law requiring adult film stars to wear condoms in films [boy culture]

Nostalgic for a time before Grindr? Go to Havana! There’s only 11 people online [queerty]

Tom Delong of Blink 182 quit the band to focus on UFOs…. so… there you have it! [dlisted]

Crushing hard: Teen arrested at rally tells the secret service he planned to assassinate Donald Trump [joemygod]

Who’s got their nips out for free circuit party passes on the cover of your weekly free gay rags THIS week? [kenneth]

Iwan Rheon keeps its smexy I reckon on the cover of Bello [ohlala]

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