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!! OMG, he’s naked RETRO EDITION: English builder, DIY expert, television personality, and Big Brother winner Craig Phillips !!


From the reality TV archives: Craig Phillips is an English builder, DIY expert, television personality and presenter. He is best known for winning the first series of the reality television show Big Brother. Check him out after the NSFW jump!

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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!! OMG, gossip: Margot Robbie RAWKT the Suicide Squad red carpet in McQueen Unicorn dress !!

Red carpet backdrop created by Myspace’s graphic design xscenex xteamx [celebitchy]

Actor Dylan O’Brien spotted and bearded for first time post Maze Runner accident [socilaite life]

Model Robby Barker shows off the many hours he’s spent slaving away at the gym [boy culture]

MILK producer explains Hollywood’s lack of openly gay stars [queerty]

Pokemon GO identifies gay club as a ‘lifestyle choice club’ [towleroad]

UM: Miss Teen USA‘s N-word tweets won’t cost her the crown [dlisted

Stone me once: Gus Kenworthy, Caitlyn Jenner celebrate deadly, anti-gay Sultan of Brunei‘s lavish birthday [kenneth]

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!! OMG, Channing Tatum will star as a merman in a gender role-reversed remake of SPLASH !!


Anything he can be next to naked in! According to The Hollywood Reporter, it’s a Disney film!

They say that Tatum will slip into the fins of Daryl Hannah, while Jillian Bell (who appeared in 22 Jump Street) will take Tom Hanks’s part. In case you haven’t seen the 1984 original, it “starred Hanks as a man who as a young boy was saved from drowning by a mermaid (Hannah). The mermaid returns 20 years later and finds the boy she once saved, and gives him the option between his life on land or a life under the sea with her.”

Oooooh – she’s such a BOTTOM-feeder, that Tatum! Will you be checking her new tail out?

[via jezebel]

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