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!! OMG, halted in action: MIA’s docu-teaser !!

Released by director Steve Loveridge on Tumblr, here’s the teaser for “bad girl” MIA’s unfinished documentary:

“This is what happened to a kid who’s dad went off and became a terrorist”

Steve Loveridge quit the project a couple of days ago
, claiming he’d rather “die than work on it,” in the wake of the legal pitfalls that currently riddle it’s completion. In response MIA took to Squarker-twoot to get the hypothetical ball rolling for a Kickstarter campaign to fund and complete the project.
I wonder if they will be accepting right arms for funding as I will gladly donate mine if it means seeing Diplo‘s cheeky mug more and more!

“You wanna see my story ? I’ll show you my story !”

[via papermag]

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!! OMG, wipe that google pap smear: PERSIA’s “Google Google Apps Apps” !!

It’s like Divine David just replaced his dial-up modem with some sort of supranet connection and is going AWOL on what he thinks is GeoCities.
Produced by San Fran Trans Clan Black Glitter Collective and directed by the talentfilled fun-dumpster VAINHEIN, “Google Google Apps Apps” speaks all about all those Caucasian princess-types that are “gentrifying their love” anywhere that’s not gleaming white anywhere everywhere all the time on insta-vine.
I get it, I want to be BLASIAN for Christmess but there’s no app for that, the best I can do is breed in a multicultural snuggle puddle and marriage the afterbirth, then re-breed with that and have myself surgically sewn to that one, then maybe I can be Blasian like in a thousand christmases time…maybe.
“Wanna see, durrrrr ?”
[thanks Produzentin [who btw is “that girl you like”!]

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!! OMG, Evasion Persuasion: Ms. Lauryn Hill’s ‘Neurotic Society (Compulsory Mix)’ !!


Last week
we got a musical chubby at the news that Ms. Lauryn Hill might be releasing new material and she just went ahead and served us up some serious ‘don’t even mess me about Uncle Samuel’ lyrical smorgesBourguignon with her track ‘Neurotic Society’.
After having released the track Ms. Hill -once again- took to tumblr to announce “Here is a link to a piece that I was ‘required’ to release immediately” -presumably- hence the additional ‘Compulsory Mix’ tag, who’s lyrics become even more voluminous from within the confines of imprisonment from that same “economic paradigm” Lauryn previously called out against:

“More money, less equality…hypocritics on salary…contagious social gluttony

Quiet victims with no defense portrayed over dollars and cents…

Don’t trust it, this cosmology is busted”

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!! OMG, lady shady shade: Alexis Colby and Dominique Devereaux serve it up !!

Now that ‘..Drag Race’ has reached the finish line, we are all gasping for a sip of tea, and these couple of bitches are brewing a steaming pot of loose leaf EARL GAY:
Kevin sent me this a couple of days back with the heading ‘Dynasty Shade Fest’, which I think about sums it all up, these bitches are throwing the best kind of shade, that is rich privileged fur-clad lady shady shade, apart from the other best type of shade which is LAMP-SHADE, of which there are none in this scene, just lots of well tended to indoor tropical plant shades.
[thanks Kevin & Margot]

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!! OMG, Xena Warrior Princesses: Ukraine’s Asgarda Girls !!

In 1904 American psychologist G. Stanley Hall said “Adolescence is a new birth”.
Based on the book of the same name by punk author Jon Savage, Matt Wolf’s documentary ‘Teenagers’ premiered at Tribeca film festival last week. It explores the lesser-known teenage subcultures that have emerged since the beginning of the 20th century, the term ‘teenager’ itself only cropping up since the WW2.
Dazed asked Wolf to list his 5 favourite teen tribes, top of the list being Ukraine’s Asgarda Girls.
Described as “Riot grrrls of the Amazon variety” these 150 female students live together in the Carpathian Mountains where look to revive the tribal traditions of the Scythian Amazons of ancient Greek mythology. They train under former Soviet karate master Volodymyr Stepanovytch and practice life skills and sciences as empowered women free from the oppression of men.
Follow the jump to see photographs of the Asgarda Girls…I totes want to be one too, it’s like the Spice Girls, but with a sickles and nunchucks instead of a colour-coordinated sparkly microphones!

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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