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!! OMG, how eligible: Chris Hughes !!

Chris Hughes deserves a break. After having made millions as a co-founder of Facebook, and helping change the world for the better by masterminding Barack Obama’s online campaign, the baby-faced Harvard grad has already accomplished more in his 25 years than most people could even dream of doing. Fast Company ponders his future in their current issue, but the one important question that OMG would put forward about this out-and-proud whiz kid: Does he have a boyfriend? (via Gawker)
After the jump, watch an old video of Chris (sporting Corbin Fisheresque surfer hair) describing what exactly this new-fangled Facebook technology is all about.

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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!! OMG, it’s not funny: Beat 360 !!

Our sweetie-daddy, Anderson Cooper, can do no wrong…but his followers can. Andy launched a DLISTED STYLE “Caption This” style feature on his the 360 website. Readers are supposed to write their own captions for political photos, like the one above which garnered the following gems:

Wow, this is just like the set of Spin City. Hey was that Heather Locklear?

C’mon, make it fast, I gotta use the restroom.

Is that a shoe in that reporters hand?

And those were the funny ones. See more Beat 360s HERE. MethinksPUNDIT KITCHEN already has this covered, though.

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!! OMG, we’re okay: Says Ikea !!

Some Polish Catholics apparently had a fit over gays being represented in an IKEA CATALOGUE (pages 54-57). Ikea was pressured to respond to the letters from the angry Catholics so they issued this statement:

Homosexuality is one of the essential elements of living in contemporary society.

Acceptance often seems to come through commercialism…

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!! OMG, they won’t let up: Utah Right-Wingers !!

Well neither will we! A group called “America Forever” bought a full-page ad in the Salt Lake Tribune against gay rights.
Even anti-gay activists called the hate-ad too much:

Everything they’re doing crosses the line. There’s no need to have hateful discourse. Quite frankly, they make those of us who are on the side of traditional marriage — they make a lot of us — look bad.

See the full ad HERE.

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!! OMG, he’s a potty-mouth: Barack Obama !!

Barack Obama is not only a smoker, but he also has quite a mouth on him. Obama made audiotapes of his biography and didn’t shy away from swearing and reading it all word for word.
In this clip I don’t think he’s talking about Bush but I’d like to think he is:

And here is what I want him to say to me:

I love it.
Click HERE to hear a couple more.

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