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!! OMG, WATCH: Katya and Alaska Thunderfuck go head-to-head with Kris Jenner on the Grammy Red Carpet !!

Hollywood’s boiggest reality icons, Kris Jenner, Alaska, Katya, Kristen Cavallari, and Brad Goreski all came together to make ANOTHER deal with Satan on the Grammy red carpet this week. Just kidding! They played a game about Beyonce and Adele! Like true gay-interest celebrities painted for the gods! Check them out above! Place your bets!

[via Alyce Pharaohs]

!! OMG, WATCH: X-Tina’s gotta pay the bills too, releases new OREO’s commercial !!

At first we thought the title of this video was “Oreo DRUNK Challenge Canada” and we could relate, because the only time we eat Oreos is when we are raiding our cupboard for sweets after a long night at the bar, eh, and “challenge” ourselves to eat the entire back before sleepy-time.

This must really have been the easiest commercial EVER for X-Tina or anyone to shoot for that matter – she literally raises her arm and winks, and the rest is CGI! We love it. The gall! They probably promised that they would only need her for one hour (after 4 hours of hair and makeup that is!). Also — THAT SONG! Why does everything on the radio or in commercials now sound like it’s off the RUGRATS soundtrack!?

!! OMG, WATCH: Lady Gaga performs with Metallica at The Grammys !!

Keeping in tune with the theme of technical difficulties – Gaga took to the stage last night with Metallica (who’s mic was turned off for the first part of the song) to prove that she’s not only a regular girl this album, but a ROCK CHICK! But seriously – I love roadside strip-bar ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ version of Gaga! It’s kind of like when Taylor Swift went pop. She’s trying to appease everyone! The gays, the hicks – everyone! Check out her performance above. Afterwards Gaga shot this brief interview, discussing her new direction:

!! OMG, Adele paid tribute to Beyonce and made her cry while accepting her ‘Artist Of The Year’ Award at The Grammy’s !!

Adele already has a bajillion gay fans, but it didn’t stop her from wooing even more last night when she bowed down to Queen B while accepting her award for Artist Of The Year at The Grammy’s. “My life is Beyonce.” she said, while every homosexual and female watching was like “BITCH, ME TOOOOO!” Adele paid tribute to Gwenyth Paltrow‘s ‘dear, dear friend’ Beyonce by kissing her butt in front of millions of people in a touching tender moment! Check it out above!

!! OMG, WATCH: Here’s Katy Perry joking about Britney’s head-shave moment at The Grammy’s last night !!

I will be catching up on the Grammy’s like the rest of you hoes who didn’t watch that shit today, because as usual ‘Music’s Biggest Night’ had terrible ratings and technical difficulties… You know sometimes I wonder what happened, because technical difficulties never really used to be a thing with award shows and now they happen everytime! SMDH!

Anyway – here’s Katy Perry making light of Britney‘s mental breakdown with a glistening smile on her face – not once, but TWICE! Go unleash the Kraken’s, Godney fans!

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