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!! OMG, all sorts of ponies: Haerts’ ‘Wings’ !!

If the first few shots of a music video feature a big girl in a turtle-kneck knit doing TWIST BRAIDS, some sparkly plasti-gems and hairy neon rubber strobe balls and a couple of cutsie Jehovasses’ at the screen door, you can take this as an indication to watch on.
Directed by Emily Kai Bock [Grimes, Doldrums, Grizzy Bear directorial fame], the super 8 video diary day is cute and as you watch on there’s a definite pony theme creeping in:
First there’s the sea-pony in the aquarium, then Grampsie turns up at the house:

…”no Grandpa you can NOT come through that screen door, not ’till you cut that awful greying pony off”

…at which point it cuts to some grey ponies frolicking in a field!
Basically, ponies, ponies, ponies!
[via disconaïvete]

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!! OMG, SHAKE YOUR HABITUAL ASS: The Knife’s ‘STH’ interview !!

Beginning with a mesmeric swingy swing and the footage taken from their album teaser from last December, The Knife’s album ‘interview’ expands upon this very album teaser blurb and their later released album manifesto [also after the jump], questioning systems of fame and school institutions that they see as failed and championing those systems [the ecosystem, the soundsystem] which they still believe can instil change.
Scanning through relatively mundane images [people dancing, birds feeding, doorways and windows, railings and walls], Olof and Karin narrate a new process-heavy-shake-up of old habits:

“we approached each other…through the language of others…and we play…and we played and we played and we played…to let go of what we already knew about music and explore what we didn’t know…letting go…we want to question the knife”

“we used homemade instruments, or played traditional instruments in non-traditional ways and tried to find non-tradional ways of creating traditional sounds…making a bedspring sound like a voice, or a voice sound like a bedspring”

They discuss protest songs [against monarchy and the nuclear family] and the power of safety in collectivism. They use the “commercial homogenisation and extreme hierarchical conservatism” of the music industry as a metaphor for societal shifts in Europe, and set aside their previously worn masks which questioned ideas of “fake tanning” fame and identity, but then became commercial institutions in themselves:

“I think there are no real ‘us’, behind the masks there are other masks”

I’ve popped the video after the jump due to some non-nuclear titty sucking near the end so jump in and SHAKE YOUR HABITUAL ASS !

“it’s time to move…to fall…to fly”

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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!! OMG, missed message: MS MR’s ‘Hurricane’ !!

When ex-Playboy bunny Shelley Darlingson [Ana Faris] said “The eyes are the nipples of the face”, she was simply implying that you should make them pop, not that you should take it literally and wear a face bra or start tweaking your irises when a cute boy takes your cotton t-shirt weave off your head.
She certainly did not mean, therefore, that the nipples are the eyes of the torso, because that’s a whole other something else, and then means that the belly button is the mouth of the torso and the MUFF IS THE GOATEE, and that one big long stubborn gross grey hair that grows straight out of the right side of your stomach is some sort of mustachio.
So wearing a facial bathing costume is then not the same as making your eyes pop with a touch of mascara, not at all, and neither is a green-slop makeout session, or wearing a coordinated scaly Land Before Time neon bathing cap under your weave. I think you need to re-watch ‘The House Bunny’, I think you missed the message there!
Cute chorus though!
[via stereogum]

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!! OMG, come and – jump on it – riding – my brony: ‘Bronies’ trailer !!

I am not ashamed to say, the very first time I met my husband we totally bonded over ‘My Little Pony’, in fact I once was almost refused entry into the country based on the fact that I was shy to declare something to the border official, it being a ‘My Little Pony’ dvd signed by Tilda Swinton, I just figured they wouldn’t even let me in…given that there’s nothing that screams inappropriate immigrant than a love of PASTEL -SPARKLE STUMPY SQUEALING PRE-TEEN PONIES!
Well it’s nice to know I’m not the only one, my fellow ‘brony’ Brake sent me the trailer to the doc all about boys who love them ‘Guy Little Ponies’, and Bronycon, which this year will be in Baltimore…so if ‘Dungeons and Fag-ons’ speed-dating on Thursday nights hasn’t yet found you your perfect match, try Bronycon’s ‘Fag-Tag’, where -obviously- “Friendship Is Magic”; Baltimore Convention Centre, August 2nd-4th.

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!! OMG, long weekend: Azealia Banks’ No Problems !!

Azealia finally RUpologised to Angel Haze over whatever it was that something something something or whatever…well at least this fun song came out of all that pop plop that happened, and now we have a video filmed at ULTRA Festival in Miami, where skanks and dudes go to erm dump their fashion-fails and dress as earth-godesses [who btw just happen to be scantily clad, “I’m not a skank I’m ‘free-spirited'”…you know that sort of thing].
Just like Azealia I also don’t want no problems, I’m only saying their skanks because I’m jealous of their boogie and all the straight guys they get to bonk and lick. There’s nothing hotter than a sunburned straight dude with MDMA plate-eyes and a FERAL PENCHANT FOR FOAMY BEVERAGES!
Although I won’t let the trashion fashion go, so here’s LAWeekly’s ‘The 13 Most Hardcore Ravers at Ultra’ otherwise known as ‘Gifs to make you Gip’!
[thanks Bear!]

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