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!! OMG, Hillary Duff puts a ring on it !!

I guess it says something about me that when I saw the subject “DUFF GETS ENGAGED” in my inbox, I instantly hoped it was referring to the MTV VJ of my youth. But no. (Turns out she’s already married.)
Instead, it’s the incomparable Hillary Duff. Oh, her! Find out how to say “YES” in Duff after the jump…

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!! OMG, new Goldfrapp single: “Rocket” !!

British pop duo Goldfrapp is back with a new album called Head First and a new single called “Rocket”. Judging from recent interviews, reviews and the pink jump suit and glowing heels combo singer Allison Goldfrapp is sporting in the above photo, it would appear that the band is heading back to the dance floor after detouring into the world of subdued folk pop with their last record, Seventh Tree.
Best of all, mega-producer Richard X, who has worked with Annie, Saint Etienne and Roisin Murphy, just turned “Rocket” into an spacey, seven-minute-long dark disco banger. Put on your leg warmers and give it a whirl below:

“Rocket (Richard X One Zero Remix)” by Goldfrapp
“Rocket” is due out on March 9 and Head First comes out March 23, both via Mute.



!! OMG, Taylor Swift just wants to say that she’s thinking of you… !!

She sings, plays the guitar, she writes her own songs… what CAN’T Taylor Swift do?! (Besides sing a duet with Stevie F*ckin Nicks for Goddess’s sake!)
FORGET THE STEVIE NICKS DISASTER! JUST PUT IT OUT OF YOUR MIND! Focus on this: Ms. Swift now has her own line of greeting cards, soon to be available in a CVS near you. I hear Taylor’s at home right now scribbling little rhymes and slogans and hearts in her composition book. Let’s hope this time she can come up with something less retarded than “You were Romeo / I was the scarlet letter.” Cause I’m sorry but that’s I think the stupidest song lyric ever written!
(MTV Buzzworthy)


!! OMG, How Extravagant: The Drag Race premiere party !!

OMG Idol James St. James went to the premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race 2 and all he got us was this stupid video!
Actually it’s pretty funny– featuring every F-list celebrity you never heard of, a bunch of vodka and pulled wigs and the courageous activist Chaz Bono.
Incidentally, OMG Blog sent a reporter to this party as well, but special correspondent Bobo has yet to file his story and was last spotted sashay/shante-ing up Sunset Boulevard with an unknown person wearing an outrageous wig and large high heels. In the absence of Bobo’s report, you’ll just have to settle for the St. James version!
(In other news, we’re going to be giving out a few copies of RuPaul’s new book as soon as I figure out what kind of contest to run, so get ready to be a winner!)