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!! OMG, Conservative S.E. Cupp tears up, urges own party to evolve views on same-sex marriage !!

Wow! A surprising stance from a lady who one might expect to think otherwise! Check out Sarah Elizabeth Cupp a conservative political commentator and writer tear up when discussing how her party need to change their views and evolve to a pro-equality stance!


!! OMG, Rachel Dolezal on self-identification ‘Today Show’ full Interview “I Identify As Black” !!

Is trans-ethnicity the next frontier to look at for acceptance?! Watch Matt Lauer interview (the surpisingly thoughtful and well spoken) Rachel Dolezal, the woman who is catching a lot of heat for appearing to alter her appearance to appear black while heading the NAACP. Check out her interview above!


!! OMG, Uncle Joey from FULL HOUSE says he’s known about Caitlyn Jenner for 25 years !!


Jenner may have taken the world by storm when she surprised the world as the newly appointed version of herself, Caitlyn, on the cover of Vanity Fair — but Dave Coulier from Full House has seen her coming-out coming for almost a quarter of a century!

“Bruce Jenner, he was really good friends with my ex-wife,” Coulier told Rush of his first wife Jayne Modean. “I knew this 25 years ago.”
Coulier, who was married to Modean from 1990 to 1992, said the recent revelations about Caitlyn’s gender identity were far from shocking — at least for him. “I knew that information, but I never vocalized it to anybody other than close friends,” he continued. “It wasn’t a surprise to me.”

In fact, the comedian did a show with Jenner called Skating With Celebrities several years ago. “When I saw him, I saw that he had gone through a little bit of constructive surgery,” Coulier, 55, recalled. “And I thought, ‘Man, I wonder if he’s actually going to do this.'” The star further claimed that before Jenner chose the name Caitlyn, she had a different moniker in mind. “My ex-wife always told me Bruce wanted to be Nicky Jenner,” the Fuller House actor shared.

When you’re ready, you’re ready!


!! OMG, presenting HER true self… CAITLYN JENNER !!


We love that she’s stealing the spotlight from Kim’s pregnancy! Here’s something actually worth celebrating.

Bruce Jenner spoke of a gender transition this year and opened up to Diane Swayer, and now has debuted Caitlyn Jenner, (WITH A C – NOT A K!). Check out Vanity Fair’s cover story about the trans spokesperson and pioneer below!



!! OMG, his SECOND special power: One of the original X-Men is confirmed as gay in new comic !!

Tomorrow’s issue of the X-Men comic will reveal that an original member of the team plays for… well… the same team!
Who is it!? Check out the plot and big reveal after the jump! Wait — but being gay is his SECOND superpower though, right!?

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