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!! OMG, she’s such a doll! Transgender spokesperson, mentor and inspiring teenager Jazz Jennings gets her own doll !!

“I consider myself to just be a normal, teenage girl so…the doll is just a normal girl doll.”

This is awesome! A step in the right direction! The Tonner Doll Company is releasing a transgender doll inspired by transgender teen role model and inspiring spokesperson Jazz Jennings! Check out the video above!

!! OMG, they’re on the road: Queer Songbook Orchestra !!

You might remember the Queer Songbook Orchestra from when we wrote about them a few years back during their Indiegogo campaign. They’ve since raised the money and taken their unique show across Canada, including a stint at the prestigious Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.

Watch the profile above to see how the QSO is telling queer stories and touching audiences with their inventive arrangements and powerhouse vocal performances. Plus, check out other QSO videos on their website here. The QSO operates in partnership with the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives, which is the largest independent LGBTQ+ archives in the world.

!! OMG, WERK IT! French VOGUE makes history with first transgender cover model, Valentina Sampaio !!

This is incredible! Such leaps and bounds with visibility for the trans community in the past few years – and VOGUE has a massive readership and legacy obviously, which is why decisions like this can make such an impact.

“This month we are proud to celebrate transgender beauty and how models like Valentina Sampaio, who is posing for her first ever Vogue cover, are changing the face of fashion and deconstructing prejudice,” Vogue Paris wrote in an Instagram post announcing the cover Monday.

Vogue Paris Editor-in-Chief Emmanuelle Alt wrote on the magazine’s website that she wanted to feature Sampaio solo on the cover because she is “the absolute equal of Gisele, Daria, Edie or Anna,” referring to the modeling industry’s top stars.

“In a post-gendered world which more and more designers are highlighting on their runways, Trans people, the ultimate symbols of a rejection of conformity, are icons that Vogue supports and chooses to celebrate,” Alt added.

Have you picked up the cover yet, OMG? It’s one to hold onto for the history books! Show VOGUE that trans cover models SELL just as well as the next girl, and pick up your copy today!

!! OMG, WATCH: #HoldTight campaign encourages gay couples to keep holding hands !!

In light of the rampant, recent homophobic rise of discrimination around the globe, supported by right-wing governments and new legislation aimed towards stripping LGBT of their rights – a new campaign titled #HoldTight encourages gays to stay visable, and express their love freely by holding hands in public.

As part of the campaign we have also developed a piece of wearable tech – a custom wristband, which will be distributed exclusively at Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras and the Auckland Pride Festival. The wristband is a first of its kind and uses infrared to detect proximity between two wearers, lighting up when their hands come together and hold tight. Our GAYTMs will be returning, with our two Oxford Street machines themselves ‘holding tight’. As in previous years, all transaction fees from the GAYTMs will go to support Twenty10. In New Zealand there will be two GAYTMs, one at 45 Queen St and one at ANZ Ponsonby along the Auckland Pride Parade route. We’ll be donating 50 cents for ever transaction on the GAYTMs to support OUTLine. As much a celebration of holding hands, #HOLDTIGHT is also a message of our support for the community and their ongoing campaign for equality. It is recognition that equality has come a long way, but that it still has a way to go, and is a message to the community to stay strong.

Check out their site today for more info!

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