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!! OMG, gossip: What’s Leah Remini’s end goal with her exposé of Scientology? !!

To get Scientology’s tax exemption as a church revoked! [celebitchy]

Benham Bros: ‘Gays suffer from depraved minds and daddy issues’ – uh, yeah… AND!? Flattery will get you everywhere, guys! [instinct]

Neil Patrick Harris hit the red carpet with his partner, and they weren’t dressed like circus ringmasters for ONCE [socialite life]

I’m the muthafuckin’ female definition of a….SANTA?: The Anna Kendrick Edition [lainey]

Yee-haw! Gay, country music personality Cody Alan comes stampeding out of that there closet [boyculture]

Marie Osmond FINALLY volunteers to sing at the inauguration and help usher the end times in [queerty]

Is Rooney‘s Mara rubbin’ on Joaquin‘s Pheonix? Maybe! [dlisted]

HUD Nominee Ben Carson on LGBT Housing Rights ‘No one gets extra rights’ [towleroad]

!! OMG, WATCH: Meryl Streep SLAMS Donald Trump in impassioned Golden Globes speech !!

BINGO! Meryl Streep nailed it last night at The Golden Globes, taking Trump to task for his hateful behaviour. Check it out above. What a lady! Of course, any mature President Of The United States would take to his Twitter account to call out his h8rz, — which is exactly what Trump did (after the jump if you care to see).


!! OMG, WATCH: Ellen and Pharrell discuss Kim Burrell’s Homophobic sermon !!

“There’s no room for any kind of prejudice in 2017,” said Pharrell, appearing on Ellen, after he was originally planned to perform “I See a Victory,” a collaboration with gospel singer Kim Burrell from The Hidden Figures soundtrack. Burrell was canned from their performance and her appearance on Ellen after she recorded a homophobic sermon, saying gays will die in 2017. Some great words from Pharrell on this – check out the full interview above!

!! OMG, WATCH: Danish electronics store Elgiganten delivers a beautiful message of trans acceptance in new holiday ad !!

Elgiganten walks the walk of spreading love and joy this holiday season with a recent ad depicting a transitioning teen at home during Christmas, and features a happy ending. Elgiganten says their slogan, “Let the gifts talk,” is a reminder that your Christmas present has the ability to say “big, important, beautiful and hopeful things.” Check out the touching ad above!

!! OMG, how inspiring: Syrian man in Germany helps other refugees cross the ocean over the phone !!

This man’s dedication and resourcefulness are incredible.

From the Guardian story:

Mohammed Abu Amar runs a makeshift 24-hour helpline from his flat in Hamburg, guiding scared refugees fleeing the violence in Syria across the water to Europe. Despite losing the use of both legs in a shelling in Damascus in the early days of the conflict, Abu Amar made the crossing with his family in 2013. He subsequently found his calling, being constantly available on the phone for his fellow Syrians making the same perilous journey.

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