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!! OMG, looking sharp: Lena Dunham’s readies new documentary ‘Three Suits’ that will explore formalwear for trans people !!

What’s next for GIRLS funnylady Lena Dunham? It looks as if Lena is branching out yet again with a new documentary called Three Suits, which explores Blindle and Keep, a company looking to cater to the very niche market of trans-friendly tailoring in suits.

Bindle & Keep began cultivating a consciously trans-friendly approach after clothier Rachel Tutera started a conversation with Bindle & Keep owner David Friedman, reports the New York Times. Tutera said she identifies as navigating “a very tiny space that exists between being a butch dyke and being a trans man.”
Today, the company has earned a reputation for being sensitive to the needs of trans and gender-nonconfirming clients, offering suit shapes that differ from that of the standard cisgender (nontrans) man’s. Now Dunham, who’s made a career based on her observations of contemporary life in New York, wants to make the shop’s inclusive approach more widely known.
“We were totally blown away when Lena’s team first reached out to us,” Friedman told Vanity Fair. “The art we practice is so specialized that it was hard to believe heavy-hitters were taking an interest.”

We can’t wait to see what she comes up with! Earlier this week, Lena tweeted what could be considered a tentative documentary title: “Bindle & Keep: Breaking Down Binaries, Making Smarter Suits.” Keep your eyes and ears open for a 2014 release.
[via the advocate]

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!! OMG, “F*ck It! I quit!” KTVA reporter quits on-air, reveals herself as owner of Alaska Cannabis Club !!

Are we baked, or did this really just happen?!
KTVA reporter Charlo GREENE of Alaska is our new hero today after she revealed herself ON-AIR to be the owner of The Alaska Cannabis Club while delivering the news about, well… The Alaska Cannabis Club.
Charlo ended her segment on the issue surrounding legalization in Alaska by stating:

“And as for this job, well, not that I have a choice. But, f*ck it, I quit.”

Charlo is focusing her time on fighting the good fight rather than reporting on kittens being rescued from trees and Palin family ATV party brawls.
I suppose that flabbergasted fail of a poker face on the reporter following Charlo‘s admission is probably in relation to the fact that she no longer has a good hook-up at work to score that good kush kush. How DEVASTATING!

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!! OMG, like you’ve never seen her beTHOR: Marvel decides to switch Thor character’s gender To female !!

Times are a-changing over in Comic Book land! Yesterday we reported that Archie Andrews will meet his fate saving his gay friend, Kevin Keller, from a shooting — and now news has arrived that THOR, the Norse god of thunder and Marvel comics superhero, is now a chick!
Where else would this world news be delivered to us, but from yesterday’s episode of THE VIEW!? Whoopi even joked that female-Thor’s alter-ego was in fact, Whoopi, herself. YUH… WE WISH!

“This is not She-Thor,” says writer Jason Aaron in Marvel’s press release, published by the Mary Sue. “This is not Lady Thor. This is not Thorita. This is THOR. This is the THOR of the Marvel Universe. But it’s unlike any Thor we’ve ever seen before.”

Marvel executive editor defended the decision to skeptical fans via Twitter:
Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 10.01.12 AM.png
Marvel has committed to at least 2 more Thor movies through 2018, but once that shit is over, you can kiss Chris Hemsworth‘s gunns goodbye! But who will be strong enough to lift that f*cking hammer? I mean, who LIFTS? If I had my way, WWF‘s Chyna would return to the spotlight in the starring role.

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!! OMG, a new era in HIV prevention? World Health Organization suggests all at-risk HIV-negative men take HIV prevention drug as further precaution !!

Interesting news on the HIV prevention front! It seems as if WHO (the World Health Organization) has officially gotten onboard with HIV-prevention drugs as an additional precaution for people at risk, even if you are responsible and consider yourself safe. From Slate Mag:

Last week, the World Health Organization recommended unequivocally that all HIV-negative men who have sex with men take HIV-preventing drugs like Truvada. The new guidelines build on a similar proposal from the CDC, but they go a step further, suggesting that even gay men who regularly use condoms should take these drugs as a backup measure. If doctors and men who have sex with men follow these guidelines, WHO estimates that about 1 million new infections will be prevented.

For more info on the announcement, the issues some safe-sex abiding folks are facing when asking for prescriptions from their doctors, and other questions answered, visit Slate‘s article here.
And FYI people — that doesn’t mean you can go out and be unsafe and irresponsible without any repercussions! DUH! Prove that terrible stereotype wrong by keeping it safe!

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!! OMG, YOLO! Cash cannon helps make it rain at the strip club !!

This wins for both the most-tasteful gift purchase idea of 2014, and also the most reasonably priced gift of 2014. I mean, $159.99 is NOTHING compared to the amount you’ll spend during the hours of fun you’ll have shooting dollar bills at strippers’ hoo-hoos with the amazing CASH CANNON!

Built for speed and performance, this baby will shoot your entire life savings all over the dance floor in record time as you make the worst decision of your life!

Check out a proper play-by-play on this incredible product below!

[via cashcannon]

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