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!! OMG, a new era in HIV prevention? World Health Organization suggests all at-risk HIV-negative men take HIV prevention drug as further precaution !!

Interesting news on the HIV prevention front! It seems as if WHO (the World Health Organization) has officially gotten onboard with HIV-prevention drugs as an additional precaution for people at risk, even if you are responsible and consider yourself safe. From Slate Mag:

Last week, the World Health Organization recommended unequivocally that all HIV-negative men who have sex with men take HIV-preventing drugs like Truvada. The new guidelines build on a similar proposal from the CDC, but they go a step further, suggesting that even gay men who regularly use condoms should take these drugs as a backup measure. If doctors and men who have sex with men follow these guidelines, WHO estimates that about 1 million new infections will be prevented.

For more info on the announcement, the issues some safe-sex abiding folks are facing when asking for prescriptions from their doctors, and other questions answered, visit Slate‘s article here.
And FYI people — that doesn’t mean you can go out and be unsafe and irresponsible without any repercussions! DUH! Prove that terrible stereotype wrong by keeping it safe!

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!! OMG, YOLO! Cash cannon helps make it rain at the strip club !!

This wins for both the most-tasteful gift purchase idea of 2014, and also the most reasonably priced gift of 2014. I mean, $159.99 is NOTHING compared to the amount you’ll spend during the hours of fun you’ll have shooting dollar bills at strippers’ hoo-hoos with the amazing CASH CANNON!

Built for speed and performance, this baby will shoot your entire life savings all over the dance floor in record time as you make the worst decision of your life!

Check out a proper play-by-play on this incredible product below!

[via cashcannon]

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!! OMG, Clearly Canadian: Vancouver organization ‘RainCity’ provides kinder response to other cities’ mean homeless ‘repellents’ !!

This is nice! RainCity, an organization out of Vancouver Canada which provides specialized housing and support services for people living with mental illness has done the OPPOSITE of what other bitch cities have been doing by setting up things like metal spikes and detterants for homeless people around the city (simply hoping they will just disappear I guess…) and the organization has built bus stop ad signs which double as extra shelter!

Less than 6% of the homeless are homeless by choice, which is why organizations like RainCity provide specialized housing and support services for people living with mental illness, addictions and other services. Their goal is to find solutions to end homelessness in a manner that’s appropriate and and environmentally supportive. Click the Action Box to support their work and share this story to Become the News.

Big-ups to Raincity for working towards lending that extra hand rather than shoving sharp spikes into people where they sleep! Check out more images from the project below!
[via ryot]

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!! OMG, Pussy whipped! Pussy Riot attacked by whip-wielding Russian cossacks near Sochi Olympics !!

Nadezhda “Nadia” Tolokonnikova and Maria “Masha” Alyokhina
are the brave, recently released members of Pussy Riot who have made headlines around the world for standing up to Russian President Vladimir Putin, and spreading the dismal truth about their Russian government.
New footage shows Russian cossacks attacking the girls with whips, pepper-spray and last but not least — their fists — during a set-up for one of Pussy Riot‘s non-violent protests at a public plaza in Sochi. We’re not sure they could have asked for a better backdrop to highlight the attacks, as the Sochi 2014 logo hovers in the back the entire time. Check out the disturbing (NSFRussia) attacks below.

[via the telegraph]

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!! OMG, good news, stoners: “Doritos Loaded” test product spotted in Washington D.C. !!

This truly has been been a great past year for Doritos lovers, and it looks as if things are only about to get better. Not only was the world blessed with the gift of Ketchup Doritos (in Canada) and Doritos Loco, but now there are baked, cheesey whispers that a new “test product” is being tested in Washington D.C.!
Kevin Cobb recently snapped these top-secret images of “Doritos Loaded” — a mozzarella-stick-esque Dorito that tasted like it was dipped in queso! When asked to comment on such important matters, a 7-Eleven rep confirmed:

Doritos Loaded is “a product that is in test,” although she was tight-lipped about giving out further details. “It’s just too soon to really talk about it,” she said. But an employee at the Vermont Avenue store said the snack became available about two weeks ago, and that she knows of two other 7-Eleven stores in Washington, D.C. also selling them.

Check out some more images of the actual nuggets of joy after the jump! Would you buy these on your stoner mission to the corner store? I only let purely-clean, natural, organic, gluten-free things touch my lips, so my answer would be a resounding YES!

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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