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!! OMG, pop your finger in his flesh-hoop: Sruli Recht’s Forget-Me-Knot Ring !!

If someone gave me this ring for Valentine’s day, I guarantee I would definitely forget-them-knot!
Sruli Recht creates some of the most innovative and beautiful garments and jewellery in the world. He is always asking questions about the use of animal products in fashion. He has previously created pieces from stillborn lamb leather and silk-injected goat’s skins, and recently documented a performance/surgery during which he had a 110mm x 10mm strip of skin from his abdomen removed, which was salted, tanned and mounted to a 24kt gold ring, which can be purchased for €350,000.
You can watch the ‘performance’ after the jump. It’s NOT SAFE FOR TWERK…it’s barely safe for anywhere; it’s pretty gross but that ring is pretty beautiful though.
So inspiring! I’m off to my kitchenette to drink the rest of that oozo, grab a bread knife and get going with my circumcision valentines ring, I can’t afford gold so it’s just going to be a fleshy hoop really.

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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!! OMG, “I also look really fierce in a dress”: Casey Legler; [fe]male model !!

Like Andrej Pejić, but the other way around; New York-based, French-born swimmer and “art-maker” Casey Legler is the first female signed to Ford Models’ male division. She spoke to Time last year about her relationship to gender-types. She spoke not of gender definition, but instead of her experience and wishes of gender freedom:

“We have very specific ways in which we define ourselves as men or women and I think sometimes they can be a bit limiting…What I wish is that we all get to be exactly who we are…With [such] fluidity…[there is] this notion of freedom…that is saying ‘look, there is this other way'”

[via wonderland]

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!! OMG, What a Tyrade: North Korean Tyra-Hating Propaganda !!

Ok, well erm, I can’t claim that I didn’t make comment on Tyra’s sparkly Vaseline frenzy situation, although whatever I had to say was masked with my giggle-voms at how hilarious the whole debacle seemed; tinted with slight sparkly-lube jealousy at not getting any…but that’s the extent of judgements on her, I like her a lot, and love that her show is a portal for more André Leon Talley in my life.
However, almost more insane than all the other western-hating claims that have come from North Korea the last few years, is their vehement repugnance for Miss Banks:

“she now has a talk show where she pretends to be concerned about peoples problems and society in general, even though she has no qualifications to do this…The audience doesn’t question this charade but instead it willingly feeds into her need to talk about herself”

I love that this report speaks of the audience as a SINGLE-MINDED DRONE ENTITY, maybe North Korea just needs a big box of Tyra’s sparkly “biggest beauty secret eveeeeeer”, maybe they too are just a tad jealous that they didn’t get it first time around?!
I can relate to that!
[Thanks Alex!]

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!! OMG, Biopheeling Generous?: Björk’s Educational Kickstarter !!

I think the most exciting thing Björk spoke about when she launched her highly collaborative album/appmospheres project ‘Biophilia’ was the educational potential of her tech bio-baby.
Well now Björk is looking to expand upon Biophillia’s science centre residencies by making Biophillia available on Android, creating a Windows 8 version, and producing an open source curriculum guide for children. Along with her Kickstarter campaign video, Björk released this statement:

“The Biophilia Educational Program is a new way to teach children about science and music…The most interest has come from students from low-income households and schools with underfunded art budgets…The Biophilia educational project is strictly non-profit and volunteer-based , and that’s why we need your help .


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!! OMG, “I feel good whenever I wear Pink”: Irene Williams; Queen of Lincoln Road !!

Queen of Lincoln Road? more like Queen of fashions, Queen of the world, Queen of making a hat & purse out of toilet muff & mat!
I’ve watched this so many times now, I feel like I’m there in Florida in 1995. I feel like Irene has taught me all I need to know about how to dress well. Her three tips are “style, fit and coordination”, got it!
She makes her own business card ribbons and made a bag-on-a-skateboard that she calls ‘Purple Cadillac’…who says an old lady person can’t have a whopping Bucci-bag?
I love hearing self-proclaimed-HAG-FAG-Acapulco-beanie-wearing-Eric’s voice from behind the camera as he delves into Irene’s magical fashionful kingdom; accompanied by a big band jazz and muzak backing-track:

“i see that avocado fabric there!”

[via sissydude, thanks Matthew!]

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