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!! OMG, New EVERLAST ‘I’m a boxer” Commercial takes on sexism in sports !!

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 9.15.30 AM.png

“Don’t call me a female boxer. I’m a boxer.”

Everlast has released a powerful new ad which takes on the need for an equal playing field when it comes to gender in sports. A bit about the commercial from director Claire Edmonson via The Huffington Post:

“There seems to be a trend happening where women’s career titles are constantly being genderized. For instance, I’m constantly referred to as a ‘female director’ instead of a ‘director’ and I wanted to address that. I also wanted to make something positive for young girls to see.”
Edmondson explained the message she wants these girls to take away from the video.
“I’m hoping that they feel encouraged to stick with whatever they are doing, even if it feels a little hopeless at time and for them to know they do matter.”

Check out the clip below!

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!! OMG, out LA Galaxy’s player Robbie Rogers talks about his first time hooking up with a guy !!

Out LA Galaxy soccer player Robbie Rogers talks to GQ about experiencing his first time with a guy at the ripe (and tender?) age of 25 after coming out.

“My first time with a guy was actually not until I was 25, after I came out,” 27-year-old Rogers explains.
“I mean, can you imagine dating and hooking up with a guy after 25 years?” Rogers asks. “I’m sure that he was like: What is going on?!”
“I think I’ve gotten a little bit better at doing all that stuff,” Rogers says. “So hopefully those embarrassing moments are over.”

Aside from Robbie‘s personal life and his apparent good looks, he seems to be a strong role model and anti-stereotype for gay young people today. It’s important for people of all walks and occupations to come out and proudly stand by who they are!

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!! OMG, let’s hear it for the boys! That camel-toed PRANCERCISE grandma is back and she’s with some hot piece with a moose-knuckle !!

Joanna Rohrback is the hawt Nonna that brought you Prancercize! Now, she’s branching out and bringing Prancercize to the gennelmenz of the internet by representing them in her latest addition to the web.

This video goes a step beyond my original video “Official Prancercise: A Fitness Workout” exploring the potential of getting fit along with a preferred partner; in a preferred environment; and even alongside preferred animals. A feeling of liberation from the boring and overbearing typical fitness scene ( usually even lacking in self-expression), can be experienced right here in “Official Prancercise┬«Fitness with Passion.” Free your mind from the usual grind!

FREE YOUR MIND! she says! Be careful what you wish for… Check out her latest video below!

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!! OMG, welcome: Swedish football player Marcus Juhlin comes out !!

It looks as if NFL football star Michael Sam was part of the inspiration for 22-year-old Marcus Juhlin of Sweden’s Carlstad Crusaders to come out publicly this week.
The wide receiver (ahem) who has won four straight national championships released a coming out statement that reads like a great line from the X-Men:

“I’ve known me since I was in middle school that I was not like everyone else, says Marcus. It’s hard to explain, but I had one of those “ask chance on” girlfriend in sixth grade, but it never felt right. It was fun to hang out with my guy friends over to kiss her and hold her hand. Girls were boring and I know that I thought “I can not spend a whole life with a girl”

Congrats to the big Swedish meatball and welcome to the club!
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