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!! OMG, FIRST LISTEN: The king of old-school electro, The Egyptian Lover, set to release new album ‘1984’ !!


It’s been a minute since The Egyptian Lover has moved audiences with his retro-electro beats that made him the icon he was in the 80’s. Well, he’s back and set to release 1984, a throwback to his original sound!

The Egyptian Lover started out as a DJ in Los Angeles in 1978-79 making mix tapes for his High School and putting personal raps on them. He then joined up with L.A.’s number 1 Dance Promotion Team Uncle Jam’s Army. Together they did parties with 10,000 party people attending. Once The Egyptian Lover started bringing his 808 drum machine to the parties he knew he had to make a record with these beats. He recorded “Breakin and Entering” soundtrack, “Dial a Freak” and “Yes Yes Yes” with Uncle Jam’s Army, and then his solo project “Egypt Egypt” which started getting played all over the Country and Europe. The Egyptian Lover started touring and never stopped. Bringing his 808 to every show to entertain the crowds today as he did over 30 years ago.

Listen to some samples of his brand new, hot, vocoded glamour below!

The Egyptian Lover – 1984 (Album Promo) from fling PR on Vimeo.

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!! OMG, police brutality beating you down? There’s an app for that! !!

In a world where society tends to turn a blind eye to police injustices, what better way to capture the pigs and hold them accountable when they step out of line than to film them and send it to someone who they’d have to answer to!?

The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) just released a new App to record police encounters. The App is called ‘Mobile Justice’. And it automatically sends a copy of your video to the ACLU, in case anything happens to your phone. Genius!

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!! OMG, FAR OUT! 80’s-set Greek club-going vampire movie ‘NORWAY’ gets a trailer !!

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 9.54.58 AM.png
Children of the night, what music they make – and which drugs did they take? The age-old question will be answered in NORWAY, and 80’s-set Greek vampire film directed by Yiannis Veslemes:

In NORWAY, “photophobic Zano arrives in the big city for the very first time. The year is 1984 and Athens beckons. A vampire and a fine dancer, Zano quickly gets devoured by the dark underbelly of the capital city. All he really wants is a “warm” girl. Strung out and down and out, he ends up at disco Zardoz, a hive of scum and villainy, where he meets Alice, a prostitute, and Peter, a Norwegian drug dealer. Lured into their shady shenanigans, the three of them will traverse mountains and descend into the core of the earth, all the way to the Kingdom of Mathousalas. Norway puts on shiny new shoes, dances the night away with colorful scoundrels and only bites when absolutely necessary.

Check out the fantastic new trailer below!

[via fangoria]

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!! OMG, a meeting of the icons: Vincent Price and Elvira guest on The Tonight Show (1984) !!

We spent the weekend pulling together our costume, and it reminded us how great some of the classic Halloween moments are. The nostalgia is the best part!
If you’ve got a few minutes to spare, check out the king of horror Vincent Price appearing on a 1984 Halloween episode of The Tonight Show with David Brenner. The episode also features an appearance by camp and horror icon Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark.
Vincent has the eagerness and energy of an excited child while reciting classic Halloween tales, and Elvira brings the camp with some naughty sexual overtones. The rest is magic! What are some of your nostalgic Halloween memories?

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