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!! OMG, Sandra Bernhard sang Britney Spear’s “Circus” last night at the opening of a Khiel’s !!

If someone says to you “Oh, Sandra Bernhard?! She would play the opening of a KHIELS!” they may not be throwing shade — they may just be providing the FACTS!
Last night, Sandra Bernhard burst into her incredible rendition of Britney Spears“Circus” during a new Kiehl’s store opening in Hell’s Kitchen in New York City. (I haven’t heard this good of a cover of Circus since back when Sienna D’Enema covered it!)
The event was to honour the Ali Forney Center which works to provide housing for young people in New York City. (Um, YA! Unless daddy is paying your rent, how the f*ck else are you supposed to live there?) Thank you, Sandra Bernhard for karaokeing for a kause!
[via Michael Magnan’s Vine]

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