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!! OMG, when little turds do GOOD things: Justin Bieber “quietly donates” $545K to an AIDS research at Cannes !!

You have to give credit where credit is due, and obviously Justin Bieber has a LOT of money — but this is a good start for him: The popstar just donated $545,000 at the amfAR gala this week in Cannes where:

He “quietly and without fanfare” matched a generous donation of $545,000. The annual event is hosted by one of the most internationally recognized and well-respected AIDS-related organizations in the world raising money for AIDS research — each year, the formal amfAR gala raises millions of dollars through wealthy donors and celebrity endorsements like this.

$WAG! Hopefully this is the start of more charitable donations from him. He’d do well to spend less time on terrible tattoos, grooming bad teenstaches and sizzurp and more time on doing good!
[via queerty]

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