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!! OMG, that’s quite an undertaking: The Ryan & Amy Show’s ‘UNDERTAKER GOES ON A DATE’ !!

Vancouver, Canada sketch comedy duo Ryan Steele and Amy Goodmurphy are worth the watch. We’ve featured past sketches here on the site like ‘Selfies’, and another skit of their’s, ‘UNDERTAKER GOES ON A DATE’ is just as funny. Via discorder:

“I’ve been a fan of pro wrestling since I was seven or eight. And I was from the days of Hulk Hogan and Macho Man and Razor Ramon,” says Steele. “I had this idea…to explore if we took these wrestlers and put them in real situations. And going on a date just seemed like the natural thing.”
The video might even be the first in a number of fake WWE wrestling sketches.
“What came for me in the mail recently was a gold bodysuit that I ordered for Goldust, which was kind of mid-’90s,” says Steele. “And we’re hoping Amy can do a Chyna one. I definitely want this to be a continuing thing.”

Check out as Superstar WWE wrestler The Undertaker (as played by Cameron Macleod) goes on a date with a girl in ‘UNDERTAKER GOES ON A DATE’ above!

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