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!! OMG, HAPPY FRIDAY: Health Canada approves MDMA for first Canadian study in trauma survivors’ therapy !!

Grab your glowsticks, Kikwear phat pants, and pacifiers, bitches! — because The National Post is reporting that MDMA has been approved by Health Canada for the first Canadian study to be used in trauma survivors’ therapy!

“What the MDMA does, because of the physiological effects, it means you are in a present, fearless state — able to look at those events without being re-traumatised, and healing in the present what was the trauma of the past,” Dr. Ingrid Pacey, one of the researchers, said.
The Journal of Psychopharmacology reported that more than 83 percent of severe trauma, or post traumatic stress disorder patients treated with MDMA and therapy had completely recovered, “without evidence of harm,” and a follow-up study found that patients still had little to no symptoms 2 years later.
One of Dr. Pacey‘s research partners thinks the drug’s therapy uses are obvious.“It brings you into the present,” Mr. Feldmár said. “You don’t worry about the past or the future. It opens your heart; you don’t feel any shame.”

Does leaving a Kardashians marathon on loudly in the living room count as trauma? I need to figure this out… maybe if we can all score some freebies, then these will be my look for Saturday while we lay in a cuddle puddle listening to this:

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