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!! OMG, actually part of your world: Chris Villain finds a way to showcase his nipples AND a Rihanna wig with his ‘Little Mermaid’ cover !!

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 12.41.25 PM.png
We’ve all known one! That grown friend, the musical theatre queen that farts Disney wherever they go. They’ve got chest hair and are in their 30s, but are somehow still talking about “that moment” from Frozen
Well, Chris Villain is here (along with my friend Becca’s Rihanna wig from Halloween and minus the chest hair) to take the grown-man-Disney-princess vibes today to the Nth degree with his re-imagining of “Part Of Your World”.
Chris is serving up some Ariel fishyness! If you’re looking for thingymabobbers? You’re in luck! Chris has got, like — TWENTY! If you felt like you needed an extra potent dose of rainbows on your lunch hour, then DIVE IN! And I am definitely filing this one under fine ART!

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