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!! OMG, quote of the day: Lady Gaga “If talent isn’t the thing, then you are way off-base” !!


“This is the year I did what I wanted instead of trying to keep up with what I thought everyone else wanted from me. At the end of 2014, my stylist asked, ‘Do you even want to be a pop star anymore?’” she recounted. “I looked at him and I go, ‘You know, if I could just stop this train right now, today, I would. I just can’t. [But] I need to get off now because I’m going to die. I think for Adele it is (good enough just being an artist). I think for Bruno Mars it is. But that’s what I learned from working with Tony: If talent isn’t the thing, then you are way off-base.”

“My birthday is in March, so these are the last moments of my twenties,” she says. “I want to show women they don’t need to try to keep up with the 19-year-olds and the 21-year-olds in order to have a hit. Women in music, they feel like they need to fucking sell everything to be a star. It’s so sad. I want to explode as I go into my thirties.”

Lady Gaga, on what she discovered about being a popstar (and a human being), post-ARTPOP.

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!! OMG, love me, love me, pls retweet: Some Filipino “Little Monsters” give us a reaction video for Lady Gaga’s ‘G.U.Y.’ video !!

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 11.01.48 PM.png
Okay, this shit is better than Heavy Metal Parking Lot! And when Nana enters the room around the 2:45 mark… the real glamour and determination appears! (Yet somehow goes unnoticed.)
Check out the reaction video from the Philippines below, along with the actual video:

{thanks T & J for sending me this}

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!! OMG, an education in high art: Lady Gaga gets puked on LIVE on the Doritos #BoldStage at SXSW !!

We’ve all had our own Doritos #Bold puking experiences — usually after too many bong hits when our eyes are bigger than our bellies — but was it ever ART?… Rather, was it ever ARTPOP?
This week, Lady Gaga hired some chick to drink a bottle full of Nickelodeon slime and gag herself until she puked it on Gaga‘s chest at SXSW. Gaga then did her best Noonie and Nuni impression by yelling out in a Swedish accent “F*CK YOU POP MUSIC! THIS IS ART POP! FREE YOURSELF!” whilst soaring through the air on a mechanical bull.
Call Yale and tell them you won’t be attending, because the only education in fine art you need — is in the video below!

[via buzzfeed]

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