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!! OMG, gossip: Zac Efron vacations with Michelle Rodriguez and some hot Italian business man in Italy !!

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 5.05.36 PM.png
Zefron vacations with Michelle Rodriguez and some hot Italian business man in Italy [queerty]
Adore Delano throws a ‘Party’ for her new video, with some help from Michael Venus and friends [towleroad]
That rapper who chopped his dick off while high on PCP wants to do porn. Seems like a natural progression! [dlisted]
Robin Thicke‘s #AskThicke session on Twitter was total PR disaster [celebitchy]
Say hello to your mother for me: The people of the world have thrown $201 Million at ‘Transformers 4′ since it opened [popbytes]
A bunch of pictures from atop an NYC 2014 Pride float [boy culture]
Burger King launches its ‘PRIDE WHOPPER’ [joemygod]
Kit Harrington works those Jimmy Choos [socialite life]
Seamus Kelly‘s Instagram reminds me of the good old days on Fire Island [kenneth]
The best pop-culture shower curtains you’ll come across [unrealitymag]
Here’s some new press shots for that middle-Eastern version of Breaking Bad aka Tyrant [ohlala]
Top 10 Worst dressed from the 2014 BET Awards [celeb cafe]

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!! OMG, gossip: Everybody EXCEPT for Whoopi got their ass fired from ‘The View’ !!

Everybody EXCEPT from Big Whoop got their asses fired from the view [dlisted]
True Blood actor Luke Grimes quit the show over gay storyline and scenes… he obviously missed the part about all that man-ass that’s been included since day one [celebitchy]
…and in 2014, other actors who are still terrified of playing gay [queerty]
North Korea threatens war over James Franco & Seth Rogen film [popbytes]
Shia Ladouche kicked out of a caberet and arrested after using homophobic slur towards cop [boy culture]
Teal hair, don’t care! Demi Lovato drops new gay pride-filled video [joemygod]
Opera Australia replaces homophobic Tamar Iveri following her Facebook posts comparing gays to masses of fecal matter …creative! [towleroad]
Stop what you’re doing! Which Joe Jonas fashion week look are you feeling? [socialite life]
Awesome vintage photographs of gay couples long ago [kenneth]
Princess Peach is serving up some Blohan realness [unrealitymag]
Tyler Maher shows of this summer’s hottest banana hammocks for Attitude Magazine [ohlala]
The Top 10 BET Awards performances from the dawn of time [celeb cafe]

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