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!! OMG, blessed be: Bosnian granny says she’ll cure your eyeball ailments by licking them back to good health !!

A granny from Crnjevo in northern Bosnia (who isn’t crazy at all) says that she’s been given the gift of healing eyes with her tongue, saying that she’ll cure anything from eye splinters, ocular hypertension to conjunctivitis crusts! YUM!
Hava Cebic discovered her talent with what started out as joke as a child when she licked her brother’s eyeball and he was cured of his eyeball ailment. But it didn’t stop with her brother…

“At first my husband was very confused and didn’t want me to do it,” she says. “But one day he got a piece of wood in his eye and after I licked it out he agreed that I had a gift, and I should help others. Now, whenever anyone has something stuck in their eye or whatever, they come to me.”

So basically girlfriend has an eyeball licking fetish that she gets away with by “healing” people. Got it. According to reports online, “villagers from nearby towns and villages flock to have their eyeballs licked.”
The nonna clarifies that she’s sanitary (not sane, however) by stating:

“I always make sure I wash my tongue in alcohol before and after an eye licking.”

That’s reassuring! Would you let this nana lick your eye ball?
[via dangerousminds]

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!! OMG, watch your step!: Photos of Bosnia’s Seemingly Peaceful Countryside Littered with Land Mines !!

War sucks y’all! It is not fun, and the consequences that are left behind really aren’t cute either. Brett Van Ort‘s photo series Minescape captures Bosnia’s peaceful countryside that is still very littered with explosive landmines today.
Brett places the serene photos next to images of prosthetic limbs and different dangerous explosive devices, and the contrast is jarring! Check out the rest of the series after the jump.

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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