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!! OMG, they’re engaged again: Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin !!

Well the plot thickens! Everyone’s favorite almost-second-daughter Bristol Palin has revealed that she’s creeping off to the igloo of to Levi Johnston, her hockey-playing, Playgirl-posing, mom-hating, peen-concealing, Kathy Griffin dating total f*ckin Alaskan chub-stud of an erstwhile babydaddy. They’re in love and they’re getting married!
Oh, and instead of telling Mom Palin about their plan, they thought it would be fun to let her find out by seeing the cover of Us Weekly!
Considering the bad blood that’s passed between Sarah Palin and Levi Johnston in the last year, you can be sure that Pitbull With Lipstick‘s getting ready to maul this fucker’s white Alaskan ass.
Whatever happens next, I know it’s going to be good…

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