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!! OMG, can I haz skinny cheesburger mocha, no whip?: Montreal Opens First Ever North American Cat Café !!

FINALLY, your cat can be as anal and annoying as your ass, every morning when you spend 7 dollars on a half-caffeine, half-fat, soya one-pump vanilla bean latte, no bubbles, no whip, no eye-contact, extra hot, with orange toffee nut sprinkles!
Café Chat l’Heureux, a cat cafe, will be opening this summer in Montreal’s Plateau, and not only will you be able to cuddle with your feline friends while you enjoy your coffee, but you’ll also be able to take comfort in the fact that it’s all for a good cause! According to MTL Blog:

Straight out of Asia, the initiative behind this new cat café is to raise awareness on the treatment of animals in Quebec. Brought to Montreal by Clément Marty, after travelling Japan and South Korea, the feline-focused joint will have everything a normal cafe has (coffee, pastries, tea) just with a bunch of cats walking, napping, and prowling all over the place. Very much a social initiative, Café Chat l’Heureux will facilitate the adoption of cats, promote the awareness of animal issues, and hopefully better the lives of customers with calming”cat therapy.”

So, will you be making the trip to Montreal for a coffee with a side of catnip anytime soon?

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!! OMG, plug it up: Patrons at NY cafe scared out of their wits by live “Carrie” prank !!

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 7.33.41 PM.png
Ever wanted to scare the shit out of some of those obnoxious morning people at your local coffee joint, without serving them an extra strong coffee? It’s possible, — but it takes hard work and dedication!
Thinkmodo, a New York-based viral video marketing company did just that recently by created this stunt to promote the new “Carrie” remake. They set up at a cafe in the West Village by hiring a stunt team to to build a fake wall and rehearse the wall stunt, while a separate crew installed a bunch hidden cameras and set up a control room in the basement. A third crew was then in charge of the props: spring loaded books, motorized tables & chairs, and spring-loaded picture frames. Then it was time to make em scream, and need to go home and change before work! Have a look at the hilarious results after the jump!

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