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!! OMG, Killah beez and Doot doo! Nardwaur The Human Serviette Interviews The Wu-Tang Clan !!

Before the term “trolling” was invented — before kids who were born in the 90’s were even a thought in their parent’s nutsack — there was NARDWAUR: The Human Serviette!
This Canadian legend has been interviewing rock gods for decades and is an eccentric little riddler who comes bearing gifts, specific to you which are often rare and unattainable. But you wouldn’t want to upset him either — because homeboy tends to have a way of knowing things about you and your career that could sway the conversation in a southward if it has to. Oh, it’s always an entertaining ride with Nardwaur!
Check out Nardwaur’s recent interview with The Wu-Tang Clan

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!! OMG, he’s naked: Jon Pardy From ‘Big Brother Canada’ Season 2 !!

Speaking of tools and boxes — Big Brother Canada: Season 2 contestant Jon Pardy (same way I say ‘pardon’ when I’m trying to be cute…) shared his tool AND his box with the rest of the world this week on national TV, and you can check it all out after the jump!

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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!! OMG, gossip: Britney goes brown to promote new smell !!

Stop the presses! Brit Brit digs deep, brings the life into her eyes, sports a new mousey brown hair colour to promote her new smell prahw-dukt [celebitchy]
Michelle Obama tweets in support of newly-out, soon-to-be NFL player Michael Sam [towleroad]
Dutch openly gay speedskater Ireen Wüst takes gold at Sochi [joemygod]
Arrow star and major babe Stephen Amell uses show’s hiatus to strongly blast Russian homophobia and make a statement in support of gay rights [queerty]
Some say that certain openly-gay athletes at the Olympics are cuddling up to Putin like it’s nothing to care about [boy culture]
Selena Gomez went to rehab for pot, booze, and Ambien (but not always in that order) [popbytes]
A bunch of Tom Hiddleston gifs to celebrate International Hiddleston Day aka his birthday [socialite life]
AMC is adapting Preacher, will be produced by Breaking Bad producer [unrealitymag]
Mango got busted for a DUI and probably spat chewed banana all over the po-po [dlisted]
Steven Kiien directs a short movie to introduce the Philipp Plein Cowboy for Fall Winter 2014 [ohlala]
Top 10 Hollywood Power Bottoms Couples [celeb cafe]
3 people with amazing abilities [double viking]

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!! OMG, chill vibes for all: “Dude Chilling Park” sign becomes official and permanent for East Vancouver park !!


Residences of East Vancouver’s Guelph Park have got some sweet new public art to celebrate this week, as the “DUDE CHILLING PARK” sign that appeared in their park (but was taken down) — has made its triumphant and permanent return!

The sign was created by artist Viktor Briestensky and designed to mirror the format of other city park signs. Its original location was near a Michael Dennis sculpture of a lounging figure in Guelph Park. When park staff noticed the sign last November, it was taken down. But an outpouring of support through social media for the sign led the park board to reconsider.

Though, not everyone is happy.
It wouldn’t be the year 2014 without some uptight bitches weighing in on this! Steven Bohus of RAMP, the Residents Association of Mount Pleasant, says his organization was not consulted about the sign.

“A lot of the residents feel that this isn’t a game. There is a school there, there’s a parents’ advisory committee, and I don’t think this is a joke.”

Actually, Steve — pretty sure it is a joke — a good one. Just have a seat and chill, dude! Pretty sure it’s not gonna effect the school kids. (Besides, shouldn’t RAMP be busy over at the elementary school trying to change Halloween to “black and orange day”?)

Meanwhile, Vancouver Park Board Commissioner Trevor Loke says that “more than 300 local residents were consulted with 8 per cent disapproving of the sign. 1,500 residents signed a petition in favour of the sign.” Park Board Commissioner Sarah Blyth says that the support on Twitter has been huge, and that she’s never “seen such broad support in a long time for art.”

Congrats to the residences of Mount Pleasant and welcome back, DUDE CHILLING PARK! Chill vibes for all!

[via globalnews]

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!! OMG, #FearTheBeards: Canadian Olympic Bobsled Team Strip Down !!

A bunch of hosers also known as the Canadian Olympic Bobsled Team took to Twitter on Monday while weighing in their 4man-Bobsled-Race weight to post a picture. It just so happens, when you weigh-in, you can’t be wearing clothes, eh? You just gotta Giv’her!
We love that they’re bringing major bear vibes to Sochi. If you’re digging the Canadian Bobsled Team‘s display, you can always cheer them on via Twitter under hashtag: #FearTheBeards! Check out an interview with the bros below!

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