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!! OMG, attention stoners of Canada! Vancouver pizza place now offers WEED PIZZA !!

Best-Pizza-in-Toronto-1 The two most beautiful words in the English language finally come together! ALLEGEDLY this Vancouver pizza joint now offers a little buzz with your large pizza!

Located next door to a dispensary that they’re affiliated with, Mega Ill Pizza seemed to be doing it quietly for customers and spreading the word organically… but they appear to have turned a corner and are now boldly marketing “weed pizza”. They claim to be the first pizzeria in North America to offer this bizarre (yet brilliant) product.

Each pizza contains 250mg of infused oil and while we’re not exactly sure what that means, according to the company “This single dose pizza put buddy on his ass from 12:45-8:30pm”.

But how am I meant to get the munchies when we’re already full!? Life’s little problems!

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!! OMG, the beautiful burnout: TRUST’s ‘Capitol’ Video !!

TRUST‘s Robert Alfons has released the video for Capitol off of TRUST‘s second album Joyland.
At first watch, I thought this must most definitely be about a babe who unknowingly snacks on her brother’s pot brownies, and then trips her balls off watching TV by herself in the basement all afternoon while her parents are out! I wasn’t far off:

“For me, the song created its own surreal world of floating dreams and I wanted to capture that feeling in the video. The goal was to achieve a slightly timeless look with vintage-style visual effects created via a combination of practical lighting effects and VFX created in post” says Alfons. Adding that the song is: “Gazing, scenic, living out the fantasy in your head. In flight fascination, and the beautiful burnout.”

Check out the newest video from TRUST above and pick up the new album HERE!

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