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!! OMG, is Harry Styles headed to the Ab Fab movie as a love interest? !!


Casting rumours! Will 1D singer Harry Styles be headed to Ab Fab? Ab Fab creator and star Jennifer Saunders had hinted that she’d like Harry involved and now star Joanna Lumley has said:

“Patsy would very much like to be paired up with Harry Styles”

It’d be genius marketing, considering their main market is cougars and gays!

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!! OMG, Sir Ian McKellan set to play Cogsworth in live-action ‘Beauty & The Beast’ film !!

It seems as if Gandlaf and Magneto were only the beginning on Sir Ian McKellan‘s long list of iconic fantasy characters he’s set to play in life. McKellan will be playing Cogsworth, the talking clock in the upcoming live-action version of Beauty and The Beast!

If you’ll recall, the talking clock Sir Ian will be playing answers to “Cogsworth” and is the butler of the Beast’s well-staffed mansion. So far, Lumiere, his candlestick sidekick, has yet to be cast, though Emma Thompson will be holding it down as Mrs. Potts. Emma Watson and Dan Stevens are assaying the title characters in the film, which begins shooting later this year.

Apparently Disney is about to live-action EVERYTHING they’ve ever done and have Mulan, Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo, Pinocchio, The Jungle Book, and Pete’s Dragon lined up as their next victims. I could ask the question “Is nothign sacred?!” but we already know the answer to that…
[via i09]

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!! OMG, casting news! Will Ferrell set to play Russ Meyer in film about making of ‘Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls’ !!

Deadline is reporting that comedian Will Ferrell is set to star as legendary filmmaker and cult favourite Russ Meyer in a film about the making of his film ‘Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls’. The film was written by critic Roger Ebert, now actors and Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill are also being considered to portray Ebert.

The script focus is the late 1960s, when cheap counterculture films like Easy Rider were minting money, and 20th Century Fox was struggling mightily over a number of big-budget flops. Meyer was already established as the outlaw helmer of softcore pulp films like Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill, and he wanted the legitimacy of making a studio film. Richard Zanuck, then head of 20th, gave him that opportunity because his profit margins were so high and his costs were minuscule.
When Meyer agreed to take on Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls, he insisted the script get written by Ebert, the third-string movie critic of the Chicago Sun Times who had written one of the few positive reviews Meyer had ever received. Given the esteem in which Ebert was held as a film critic when he died, it seems remarkable he meshed so well with Meyer and his brigade of buxom actresses. The film will follow that relationship, and the struggle with the ratings board. It became the rare major studio release with an X rating, but it became a big profitable hit and Meyer and Ebert stayed close until the former died in 2004. Ebert passed away two years ago. Ferrell, who most recently starred with Kevin Hart in the Etan Cohen-directed comedy Get Hard, is repped by CAA and Mosaic.

Check out the original trailer below!

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!! OMG, first look at the EYES and HAIR of new ‘Jem and The Holograms’ live-action movie cast members !!

I can already tell this new live-action Jem & The Holograms movie is gonna be a painful hot mess, and after seeing that it’s produced by Justin Bieber’s manager (maybe he should just focus on managing Justin Bieber. Looks as if he could use it…) — any remaining hope I had for the film adaptation of it has sort of slithered down the drain for me. Anyway, according to SPIN, The Holograms have been cast and are as follows:

Jem — street name Jerrica Benton — will be played by Nashville star Aubrey Peeples (also: Grey’s Anatomy, Necessary Roughness). Her keytar-wielding sister Kimber will come courtesy of Stefanie Scott (Disney’s A.N.T. Farm). The role of purple-haired guitarist Shana goes to Aurora Perrineau of Pretty Little Liars. And the blue-haired guitarist Aja will be Hayley Kiyoko (The Fosters). The movie is being produced by Justin Bieber manager Scooter Braun, and directed by G.I. Joe guy Jon M. Chu.

I mean… to be honest, I feel like nothing they could make would have the appeal or top the genius of Sienna D’enema‘s take on Jem & The Holograms. Ever since Jiz! came into my life, I’ll never really see Jem the same way again! Talk about the voice of a GENERATION!

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!! OMG, well, it’s no Magic Mike 2 but… Matthew McConaughey to star in Gus Van Sant’s ‘Sea of Trees’ !!

What’s next for Matthew McConaughey since garnering awards and acclaim for his role in the Dallas Buyers Club? The Oscar-nominated actor is joining Ken Watanabe in the upcoming Sea of Trees, a drama being directed by Gus Van Sant.
According to The Hollywood Reporter:

The film centers on a pair of men who travel to the Aokigaharaā€ˇ forest in Japan, a popular location for suicides – but instead of killing themselves, their meeting prompts a reflective journey. Ken Watanabe, the Japanese actor known for his roles in Inception and Letters From Iwo Jima, will play the second man.

Are you looking forward to Van Sant and McConaughey working together?

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