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!! OMG, blind item: Mysterious UK celeb requests Viagra/champagne flavoured ice cream !!

English gourmet ice cream chef Charlie Harry Francis and his catering business Lick Me, I’m Delicious creates many different flavours of ice cream for various celebrity and high-profile clientele around the globe, but Charlie says the strangest request he’s had commissioned was from an “A-List” celeb for a Viagra/Champagne combo!

This was one of the weirder requests we’ve had; to make Viagra ice cream for a party. It was for one of our A-list celebrity clients and they’ve made us sign a confidentiality agreement, so we can’t say much about it, but I am allowed to say that they were ‘very happy with the end result.’
Each ball of ice cream is dosed with 25mgs of Viagra and flavoured with bubbly champagne. Lovely.

Wow. This sounds like some Wolf Of Wall Street type shit! Sounds like someone’s willing to go to special lengths to make sure they don’t end up with soft-serve!
[via NNN]

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