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!! OMG, show a little skin: Tour de France’s Team Sky cyclist reveals his sluttier new uniform for 2014 riding season !!

Tour de France champion Chris Froome took to his Twitter to share a pic of Team Sky‘s new cycling uniforms for this years 2014 season, and the uniform is giving us a very slutty, fishnetty, 1980’s phone-sex commercial shot against a chain-linked fence sort of vibe.
Team Sky says that they are committed to “thorough examination and improvement in anyway possible for every aspect that could impact their rider’s performance.” and they sealed that mantra with a sexy sheer slit down the leg for their male riders. What do you think of the new costume? Are you happy with them, or do you think the ‘Y’ is covering too much nip?
Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 7.38.10 PM.png
[via dailymail.uk]

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