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!! OMG, gossip: Wherein Anderson Cooper tells Kelly Ripa he’d like to have sex with her husband !!

That makes all of us… [queerty]
Amy Adams was left feeling confused and frustrated after The Today Show kicked her off for not talking about the Sony hack. Awwe! [celebitchy]
Robbie Rogers wants Chris Pratt to play him in a sitcom based on his life [towleroad]
Why not have a large helping of some Prince Harry bulge-ness on this fine Friday?! [dlisted]
…speaking of bulges: Presenting a giant bronze statue in honour of Christiano Ronaldo‘s bulge [ohlala]
Parks & Recreation says goodbye: The trailer for the final season is here [popbytes]
James Franco and Seth Rogan celebrate the release of The Interview via Instagram [socialite life]
A French magazine is ordered to pay €20K after outing gay Neo-Nazi leader known for anti-gay values [joemygod]
Envy has a face and it’s this photo w/ Nick Jonas [kenneth]
The Top 10 video games that won in 2014 [unrealitymag]
Dora better WERK! Bitch is packin! [boy culture]
The worst celebrity fashion trends of 2014 [celeb cafe]

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!! OMG, Miss America admits to abusive hazing of pledges under ‘the broad definition’ !!

Somehow seems sort of fitting in today’s AMURCA! [celebitchy]
The MALE EDITION of the THE FAPPENING might be on its way! [popbytes]
Chris Pratt hosts SNL this weekend. Here’s why you should watch: [socialite life]
Some people just aren’t into that sort of thing: ‘I was choked by the NYPD’ [kenneth]
Fool me once… IOC adds anti-discrimination clause to Olympic host city contract. Yuh, DUHH! [towleroad]
OKAY, stop what you’re doing! What the hell happened to The Situation‘s face?! (besides ‘roids and spray tan, obviously.) [dlisted]
Big Brother 15‘s David Girton really wants attention, will show his hoo-hoo to you on Twitter if you retweet [queerty]
That nice blonde fellow from The O.C. puts on his finest jean shirt for Bello Mag [ohlala]
Here’s those three “alleged” f*ckwads accused of being responsible for that couple’s gay bashing in Philadelphia [boy culture]
Surprise! iPhone 6 shattered sales and stole your monnay [joemygod]
10 screen actors who understand voice acting [unrealitymag]
The Top 10 celebrity sex scandals [celeb cafe]

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