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!! OMG, WATCH: X-Tina throws her daughter Summer a Super Mario-themed birthday party !!

Cute! And we love that it doesn’t have to be girly! Even Christina is dressed up like a big ole Italian plumber! Check out her daughter birthday clip above!


!! OMG, Your Body! Did Christina Aguilera buy a little more cushion for the pushin’? Goes public with much bigger ass !!


Butts are in! There’s no doubt about it! So if you’re a popstar in spotlight, you either get publicly shamed from douchebag EDM producers for not having one (ehem, Diplo vs Taylor Swift) or you go out and buy one I guess?

Here’s Xtina this week, stepping out with a much fuller behind! Either those Spanx have two baked hams inside, or girlfriend’s been doing her squats! What do you think? Either way, we think she looks good!


!! OMG, ain’t no other man: Christina Aguilera and Jimmy Fallon impersonate Britney, Bowie, Cher and more on Jimmy Fallon LIVE !!

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 10.04.20 AM.png
Christina needs to do more stuff like this that shows she has a personality! Check out the hilarious segment of Jimmy Fallon‘s show this week where they imitate Britney, Bowie, Shakira, Cher, and The Golden Girls Theme below!