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!! OMG, listen to this: Lovers Never Die’s ‘SLIENTLOVERS’ Valentine’s Day Mix !!

DJs Konrad Black and Natalia Escobar have come together for a collaborative project they call Lovers Never Die.

“The project was born out of the shared belief that lovers never die, relationships do.”

Their new Valentine’s Day mix, SILENTLOVERS is a sensual mix of after-hours electronica and features an exclusive and unreleased Lovers Never Die track called ‘Sequela’.

“This mix is for those that need, want, have or wish to remain silent while falling in love…”
“Lovers Never Die are making music and videos inspired by forbidden encounters, automatic nostalgia, late night calls, propositions, red lights, hypnotic desire, heartbeats and hangovers in bed”

Check out the mix below, and find the track listing after the jump! You can find more from Lovers Never Die via their Soundcloud here.

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