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!! OMG, WATCH: SNL nails skit of second presidential debate which Trump called ‘a hit job’ !!

The best review they could really ask for! Check out the full skit above!

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!! OMG, here’s Snoop Dogg’s gorgeous artwork he gifted to Martha Stewart !!


The woman who’s been trying to make America great again with pressed sheets and forno ovens since before Gwyneth was even just a sparkle in her parent’s eyes, is as we all know, super tight with Snoop. They’ve both served time, and they both love to wake and bake. In a recent interview, Martha let the world know that she just isn’t here for bloated Oompa Loompa ***nld ***mp and says – she’s def with HER – which is also coincidentally what she said when she was in prison and needed protection on the inside, but that’s a whole other story! Check out Martha’s presidential endorsement below!

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!! OMG, WATCH: #weveseenthisbefore campaign has Jewish grandparents threatening to haunt you if you Trump !!

They aren’t fucking around! These Jewish bubbes and zaydes have no quams telling their grandkids that if they don’t vote Hillary, we may have another Hitler on our hands with a Trump presidency! Referencing Hitler‘s rise to power, one says:

“We have seen this before, we saw it in Germany and we don’t want to see it here,” says one grandmother. Then, it’s a litany of pejoratives, with the grandparents calling Trump a “narcissist,” “petulant (like her own kid when he was little),” “far more than a putz,” “definitely a tyrant,” an “obnoxious, lying individual.”

And if you don’t vote for Hillary!?

“I’ll haunt you when I die.”

We wouldn’t want that! Check out the #weveseenthisbefore campaign above!

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!! OMG, gossip: Potty-mouthed Ontario teacher reportedly tells student to ‘Lick me where I fart!” !!


Teaching all the important lessons I see! [queerty]

Kerry Washington isn’t here for the Bloated Oompa Loompa‘s fear-mongering [bossip]

…meanwhile the bloated Oompa Loompa hints at Hillary‘s assasination [boy culture]

SNL adds gay, Latino comic Julio Torres to their writing staff [towleroad]

5th grader outlines hilarious tip for her school crush [rare]

This man had sex with a different man every day of the year for a whole year in the name of ART [wicked gay blog]

Tim Gunn: Kanye West’s Yeezy collection is ‘dumb, basic,’ perhaps a ‘hoax’ [celebitchy]

Corey Feldman‘s Today Show performance got a little… WEIRD. [celebuzz]

Mel Gibson didn’t wear a condom for at least the 9th time [dlisted]

Margot Robbie will save Harley Quinn’s story in spinoff film she’ll also Executive Produce [the blemish]

How to make a pet tornado [adapt]

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!! OMG, Tits for Tatts: Tom Hardy covers Esquire !!

Tom Hardy gets his ta-tas out for Esquire [socialite life]
Totes Un-Quiche: Beyonce does a botch photoshop job of her box gap for her Instagram account [celebitchy]
What happens in Vegas: Hillary Clinton gets a shoe chucked at her during Vegas Speech [towleroad]
Blohan calls up Oprah live on David Letterman [dlisted]
COLBERT NATION: Colbert to replace Letterman [popbytes]
The men of The Normal Heart cover The Hollywood Reporter [kenneth]
It’s hard being pretty: Cheyenne Jackson complains that the pink press has turned on him [queerty]
Artist Wayne Hollowell paints dead porn stars [boy culture]
Philadelphia: Tourist robbed, raped and beaten by man he met on Grindr [joemygod]
This week in movie trailers [unrealitymag]
Mad Men‘s Elizabeth Moss for Bello Mag [ohlala]
The list you’ve been waiting for: Your Top 10 Mickey Rooney films [celeb cafe]

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