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!! OMG, she’s a virgin who can’t drive: Iggy Azalea pays homage to ‘CLUELESS’ in video for ‘Fancy’ featuring Charli XCX !!

…but it could use more Christian! [dlisted]
Jamie Lee Curtis to produce story about first openly-gay baseball player Glenn Burke [queerty]
The wickedly talented ADELA DAZEEM performs live on Kimmel [unrealitymag]
Is ScarJo‘s baby bump already messing with The Avengers shoot? [celebit´┐╝chy]
Hunter Parrish looking like a babe still as he shoots Still Alice in NYC [socialite life]
Oh no she d’int! Billionaire Richard Lugner: Kim Kardashian is a bitch!” [popbytes]
Nana’s going on about something again: Lady Bunny chats about her wildly popular Hot Mess Drag Revue [boy culture]
Gay games: Coco Peru plays some Grand Theft Auto 5 [kenneth]
Quarterly injections may be the future for treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS (but you should still always use a condom — DURR!) [joemygod]
Oooof! This makes me feel old: Kids react to rotary telephones [towleroad]
Vogue Japan does Disneyland Paris [ohlala]
Sippin’ on sum SIZZURP: The Top 10 Justin Bieber accomplishments [celeb cafe]

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!! OMG, gossip: MUTANT STONER ALERT! Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan warm a mall Santa’s lap !!

Magneto and Professor Xavier continue their Pineapple Express adventures by sitting on a mall Santa’s lap together [popbytes]
“He was conceived in the dark room of a bear bar.” Kate Winslet names her child BEAR [celebitchy]
Boy George finds a second drop of urine in his glass of water, this time in TETU Magazine [boy culture]
That geek Putin finally freed Pussy Riot! YAY! Woot to the wootskis [towleroad]
Steve Martin is so non-commital to his racist tweets [dlisted]
Mariah Carey and dem babies step out for some holiday fun [socialite life]
Be My Bay Bay: Ronnie Spector rings in the holiday cheer at her Xmas party [kenneth]
The 5 gayest moments from this weekend’s SNL featuring Madonna and Justin Timberlake [queerty]
Coco Peru‘s holiday trip to K-mart [joemygod]
Check off this list of unlikely Christmas movie to watch over the holidays [unrealitymag]
Hobbema‘s new shoot is giving me Patrick Bateman‘s gay brother [ohlala]
How to successfully be a total bitch to your waitress this holiday season [double viking]

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