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!! OMG, new couple alert! Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton come together to make “SHEFANI” !!


What happens when an Orange County ska princess and a country bumpkin (blumpkin?) crooner join forces at the crotch to become reality TV’s hottest new judgey judgerson couple!? You get Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton aka SHEFANI! (we just made that up, but its sticks!)

There has been numerous speculation surrounding Blake Shelton and his Voice co-host Gwen Stefani’s possible romance, especially after E! News exclusively obtained photographs of the twosome canoodling at a Halloween party, but the rumors are no longer just rumors anymore. Shelton’s rep has confirmed to E! News that the pair are definitely dating.

WEIRD couple, but the heart wants what the heart wants, and sometimes it wants something buttery and southern!

[via E!]

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!! OMG, Supermodel David Gandy has signed on to the cast of ‘The AbFab Movie’ !!

David Gandy - backstage at Ab Fab 2012 Sport Relief.jpg
One more reason to shell out your pink dollars and fill that beer hat with vodka as you head to the theatres to catch the new AbFab movie! Model David Gandy will be joining the cast, it’s been confirmed.
Gandy has appeared in a one-off episode of the series in 2012. He told the Daily Mail at the time:

“People think I’m super-serious when I’m pouting for the cameras so I like to show I have a personality.”

Are you excited to see Patsy and Edina continue their journey once the film hits theatres?
[via queerty]

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!! OMG, and ATL: OutKast Reunion at Coachella 2014 CONFIRMED !!

The Queens of Coachella, also known as Vanessa Hudgens, Lea Michele, Lindsay Lohan, and Kate Bosworth are busy pulling together their finest Native American headdresses, their sparkle-iest Bindi jewels, and their darkest Henna hand-inks today — because Coachella 2014 is about to give them the BEST APRIL EVARR!!! once again this year when OutKast reunites for the first time in over a decade!
Future spilled the beans via an interview with Stereogum this week, and you can check out the full interview HERE! Are you excited to see OutKast back together?

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